Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All


Plymouth Congregational Church is located in Plainfield, IL.

Our blog is meant to be a “meeting place” where we can discuss how we can apply our faith to current news topics, daily events, etc.  So grab your cup of coffee, sit down and chat with us for a while …

Read further for a little background on our meetinghouse …

Plymouth Church traces its beginnings back to 1834 when it was known as the Plainfield Congregational Church.  Differing opinions ensued as to whether the church should leave it historic building to move to a new site on Route 59 and become associated with the United Church of Christ or to stay at the present location.  “Charter Members” decided to stay at the original site, and on April 18, 1963, the official document declaring Plymouth Congregational Church as a legal entity was signed.

The first worship service was held at the American Legion building on May 12, 1963.  By January 26, 1964, the new congregation formally purchased the historic site, and on March 8, 1964, worship services were again being held in the meeting house.

In 2001, construction on a west side addition was begun, and the new space was dedicated on August 18, 2002.  Much care was taken to preserve the historical integrity of the building, as is evidenced in the almost exact replication of the east side of the building, and the preservation of the original outside west wall, which has now become our interior “Heritage Wall.” 

In a speical ceremony on September 25, 2005, the Will County Chapter of the D. A. R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) presented Plymouth with a plaque which recognized our meeting house as being one of the oldest buildings in Will County, Illinois which has been in continual use for which it was built.




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