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I Don’t Really Attend Church (part 1)

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In a recent conversation on Facebook the following comment was made, “Ya know i don’t go to church but I’ve given a homeless man food more than once. Going to church does not make you all that…..,” This person is right, without hesitation or doubt, going to church doesn’t make you all that.

So why attend church at all if it doesn’t make you all that?

Can I be a member of the God society without attending a house of God?

Going to church doesn’t mean I’m going to heaven.

Why attend church?

It is true that if you do not attend church God will not sending lightening bolts at you. It is also true that church can take up valuable time. It is true that you may not agree with everything that is being spoken. It is also true that you may sleep through a sermon or two. It is true that you should dress nicely, as though you are having an important meeting or first date. It is also true that you should walk in sober and respectfully.

Yes, there are a lot of requirements or requests that are placed upon you for entering the house of God, church. Which are all valid reasons to stretch on Sunday morning, roll over to look at the clock, and think “not today” and “God and I are good”. So you lay in bed a little longer contemplating all that you’ll get accomplished with that extra 3 hours – yard work, laundry, grocery store, taking the kids to the pool or going for a long walk with the dog. Maybe you’ll catch up on the TV shows you recorded and have a late breakfast.

If you cannot tell, I’ve been there and done that. Currently living the dream.


What attending brings…

Hope – We are so focused on the everyday that it is easy to get sucked into the black hole of life’s ever revolving drama, then stay stuck in that place losing the light of hope. Our Church family reminds us that hope is not sought alone but in congregation with one another. They will grab your arms and pull you, sometimes kicking and screaming, from the dark shadows of your life into the light of God with love, the power of prayer, and the giving of heart.

Scripture – When we are lost in our life we can forget that others may have walked the road before us, paving the way, tamping down the dirt. In the scripture of the Bible, the word of our Lord, we can find company, comfort, and companionship knowing that once others did prevail before you thus you can prevail too.

Connection – We are designed to want relationships, but to maintain those relationships we need to actively participate and that includes our connection to God. Yeah, you can do it on your own, in your daily acts, but we forget when we are away. We forget how to pray and who to pray for. We forget exactly how deep his values travel within our daily acts. We lose touch with all that God wants to give us because we don’t see Him, hear from Him, or learn about Him as we should. Last time I checked God didn’t have a Facebook account or a bed in the next room. We also miss the connection with others that carry our same belief thus we walk a silent life searching for deeper meaningful relationships, which are available if we remember to put forth our own efforts to connect.

Friendship – A friend in a house of God will be sincere, and honest. You may never see or talk to the person beyond the walls or halls, but while there, sharing space, you are in the company of many friends that will cry with you, laugh with you, carry you when you fall and you can carry when they fall. It is an unspoken commandment of valuing each other within His home that you will put your differences aside and connect without thought. We are human, and humans are who humans are – fallible, judgmental creatures – but within His home we can be different, better people.

God – It is easy to walk outside and say, “today I will live a God faring day,” and then get sucked into the human rat race called life. When we enter into God’s house we are reminded, by the good preachers, that there is more to life than living a rat race, that God designed life to be better but can only accomplish His goals with your participation. We reconnect with God on a level that can be shed like unnoticeable dead skin from our bodies and life. We are creatures of the environment around us, and within God’s home that can be so much better.

Attending church regularly may not make you a better person or maybe it will.

Attending church regularly may not fill your life with people whom have your back or maybe it will.

Attending church regularly may not answer all of life’s problem or maybe it will.

Why not try it for a year and see?

Participate… Be there… Be you… Be with God and others who share this journey

Why attend church? Maybe the better question is Why not?


Author: bkbites

Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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