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Call to Worship (part 2)

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Pastor Bill, “I decided to change my life and become a pastor. Once I was done with school I thought alright this is it, I’m good, I’m a man of God and I will never have another worry or problem. This honeymoon phase lasted about 2 – 3 weeks, and then I realized that trials happen even to the most devout Christian.”

Just because we choose to believe in God, live by his spirit and values, does not mean that we are absolved of trials within our lives. In truth, it is the trials that form a stronger relationship with God. At least that is the general idea. While traversing through the landmines of life we will come across  a river of unexploded devices and here we must fine the stepping stones on how to proceed forward, usually they are in the form of prayer but sometimes that prayer must come with action. That action is not about what you do to others but what you do within your own life. Do you continue to drive or maybe you should switch to the passenger seat and give God the car keys? Who will help you get to the other side – can you go it alone or would you rather go with your Father?

Pastor Bill, “We all can recite some ofthe big headlines in the news this past year (i.e. Zig Ziglar Dies at 86, Larry Hagman Dead at 81, President Obama Wins Second Term, Hurricane Sandy Hits East Coast, 27 Die in Connecticut School Shooting). What news will we hear as we move into and live through this coming New Year? Imagine picking up the morning paper sometime in this coming year of 2013. Imagine in bold print hte lead story headline. What event do you imagine? What would that headline read?”

So, yes, this sermon is a bit dated (from December 30, 2012 to be exact) but it still holds great significance and value. Maybe even more today than it did several weeks ago. Why? Because we have had the opportunity to explore the beginnings of 2013 and see some of those big headline stories come to life. Alas, I am missing the point here. There is a question on the table and one that really needs to be answered. My answer is worthless to anyone but me, but the movement as a whole country to have better headline news is worth everything.

How many people have all but given up watching the news?

I know that I do not watch news on TV or read a paper. I’ll plunk my url on over to and check out their headline news: 25% meaningful events, politics, murders; 25% sports; 25% fluff and 25% the world. I get to pick and choose what I desire to read. My favorite hot spot for news updates is Odd News. If you have never visited I am going to provide you with the link ( Sometimes the stories are really funny while other times just simply bizarre. Regardless it is a breath of fresh air in the news world. What is really frustrating is how much time is spent on those that commit heinous acts and not enough on those that have either been the victim or have survived. I love survivor stories, don’t you? One of my favorite books is

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In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing by Lee Woodruff and Bob Woodruff (Feb 12, 2008)

It is a story of survival. Inspiring. Life changing. Real. It does not hide how horrible and tragic life can be but it changes the perspective from the doom and gloom to the hopeful. And so what if the ending of the story is different, such as Sandy Hook, where so many precious souls were taken from us, if we change our focus to the lives that they led, to the stories of who they were, and to the survivors and all those that reached out during this time it changes the entire scoop of the tragedy and brings home God because God is hope.

Pastor Bill, “We all know most of the news is bad news, but as believers in an Awesome God, let me suggest some bold print headlines that will be written for those with eyes to see.”

Pastor Bill has a prediction for four headlines coming in 2013.

Will he be right?


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