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Though we have missed a couple of months this year, I wanted to take a moment to share all that is coming for the remainder of 2013. So many wonderful opportunities to participate in our family. If you are unable to attend regularly than maybe you can come on those days that are a little more special.


  • 3rd – Are You Smarter Than a Sunday Schooler? – Tough competition as a few chosen adults take on the Sunday Schoolers in this game much like Jeopardy. Who do you think will win this year? My count – kids 2 and adults 0!

  • 10th – Race, Car and Season Blessing – Come out to celebrate our own local race car heros and bless their upcoming season

  • 17th – Irish Parade, Downtown Plainfield (after worship) – PCC will be hosting a bake sale on the front lawn – your donations of goodies will make all the difference in our success!!! or just buy some for the ride home 🙂

  • 24th – Palm Sunday

  • 28th – Maundy Thursday – Special service @ 7pm

  • 29th – Good Friday service @ 7pm

  • 31st – Easter Sunday Services (8am and 10:30am) – There will be a potluck breakfast between services (9 – 10:30). Please bring a favorite item to share and enjoy this time of fellowship.


  • 14th – Youth Services and quarterly meeting with potluck lunch afterward – This Youth service is not going to be like any other you have experienced. All stops are being removed, and the green light says floor it to this service. You will be knocked out of your seats!! Plus who can pass up a wonderful opportunity to share in a potluck lunch.

  • 21st – Plymouth Congregation 50th Anniversary Worship Celebration – the first in a line of opportunities to look back at the PCC congregation, and how we have evolved as a family. All members – current, former, and perspective are asked to join us for this one special day in celebration of you and our joint passion for God.


  • 12th – Mother’s Dy – Every year something special is scheduled to honor Mom’s. From amazing readings filled with laughter to tears, to special songs, and much more.

  • 19th – Music Sunday – Learning to play a new instrument, or an old pro? See Jan Stack to learn how you too can participate in sending out the message of God through instruments and voice.

  • 26th – Memorial Day Service – For all those who have served, who are, and will, join us this very special day to send tribute to God’s soldiers and our heros.


  • 16th – Father’s Day – Father’s are just as special and important as Mother’s so join us today as we give our thanks to Dads!


  • 14th – Youth Services and Quarterly meeting with another delicious potluck lunch!

  • 21st – Worship on the front lawn – A special day of gathering in God’s first building – the green grass and blue sky. Join us, please.

  • 22nd – 26th – Vacation Bible School (please stay tuned for more information)


  • 25th – Church in the Woods @ Village Green Park – immediately following is a potluck fellowship, activities for the young and not so young


  • 5th – Homecoming Parade which means another opportunity to show of your baking powers by donating goodies to the PCC bake sale. Not a baker? No worries, pick up Saturday night dessert 🙂

  • 13th – Youth Services and Quarterly meeting with a potluck immediately afterward


  • TBD – Harvest Home Dinner – If you have not had the opportunity to attend this evening event please add it to your list of musts this year. A wonderful opportunity to share in the celebration of the season – family and friends – with a bountiful of delicious food and conversation. An experience you will not soon forget.

  • 30th – The Christmas Shoppe is open! This annual celebration of local vendors and craftspeople to help kick your shopping into high gear. Prices are unbeatable, the atmosphere warm and inviting, and you are sure to find something for everyone. Are you a vendor (or crafts person) looking for an opportunity to sell your product? Please contact Stella Beagle for more information. A shopper? I assure you leaving empty handed will be a difficult task at best. Last year we had many homemade items such as mittens, jewelry, baked goodies, as well as vendors such as Anderson’s Books.

  • 30th – Creche Lighting @ 7pm – Filled your day with shopping, now come and fill your night with God. Join us for this amazing evening of song, scripture, and company. Many local artists and organizations help fill the church to standing room only in celebration of this holy time of year.


  • 24th – Christmas Eve service @ 8pm – Come and remember what makes this time of year so special by bringing in Christmas with God, song, and friendship

Throughout the year:

  • Wednesday night prayer time @ 6:30pm

  • Wednesday night bible study group

  • Youth art classes – please contact Melissa for more information

  • PCC Choir is always looking for members. Whether you can sing or not, join us and fill our church with song

  • PCC Youth Choir is looking to do have a more regular presence; if interested please contact John Riley

  • Confirmation – Are you interested in becoming Confirmed? Please contact Pastor Bill for more information

Themed fellowship – Every so often we have fun with our fellowship (potluck) time. Following are two examples but please know that there are many, many more!

  • Chili Cookoff – Who will take home the Golden Ladle this year?

  • Souptastic – Bring in a favorite soup, salad or dessert


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