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Quirky Moment (#1)

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On occasion I’m going to deviate from Pastor’s wonderful sermons to bring in other thoughts, ideas, music, poems, or what I am referring to as Quirky Moments. It will all be what it is suppose to be, about following God, being inspired in your daily lives to open up more, do more, think more.


The street to God is not one way nor is it one color. The street to God comes in many different directions with pavement of light, gold, crystals, rainbows, butterflies…


God is multi-faceted and if you sit back long enough you can hear him speaking in some of the most unlikely places.


Recently I signed Sam up with a running coach, Jeff Yanke. He is a dynamic guy, full of life and passion for running, God, and well… living through teaching. As part of the training program Sam and I were both given a copy of a book called “Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge”. I got as far as the forward when a connection was made, and a question formed.


“From the Daughter, Small Steps Win the Race

When I was a senior in high school, I felt overwhelmed about applying to college. Applications, essays, recommendations, financial aid – there are tons of things I had to get together, and I felt the pressure to do it better than anyone else. I didn’t think I would ever get everything done, but I ended up putting together a strong application and getting into colleges that I wanted. How did that happen? Because I disciplined myself in getting everything ready and didn’t leave anything for the last minute. I didn’t let my feelings of being overwhelmed keep me from accomplishing tasks. I applied the slight edge – I took one small step after another until I reached my goals.”


My question was how prepared are we when it comes to allowing God to live in our lives?


Are we ready to meet God when the day comes or are we waiting until the last minute to get our affairs in order?


“One small step after another until I reached my goals.”


One random act of kindness.


One deliberate act of kindness.


One extra prayer.


One bible verse.


One moment of letting go of the control and allowing God to drive.


One small step at a time will prepare you for the next big one.


It is an overwhelming feeling to think that some day we will die and leave behind all that we cherish, all those we love. It is overwhelming to look at those we love become ill and pass before us. Life is overwhelming on so many levels.


And we ask ourselves constantly if we are ready.


This message, given not about the pathway to God, struck a cord with me because it is so directly correlated to the things we, as an individual, we as a family, and we as a nation, must do now – set our affairs in order and bring God into every single one of them.


If the apocalypse had happened on 12/21/12 would you have been ready? I laugh, wholeheartedly, at those that say yes because they had their water bottles, their canned food, extra blankets, and they rang their credit cards up so high that they’ll never have a chance to pay them off.


Their affairs were not in order. They were not ready. It is in your daily acts that you will be making those all important steps to accomplishing the goal – Heaven after life. Bring God with you on this journey and allow His teachings to mark each day so that you too can be as successful as this young girl.


“I remember asking my dad, Jeff Olson, “How am I going to do well in college? How am I going to stand out?”


And he gave me some fantastic advice: “If you apply the slight edge principles, simply show up at your classes every day, and do the things your professors tell you to do, you’re going to beat 50 percent of the people by just doing that.”


All you have to do is show up everyday and do the things your professor, God, tells you to do and you’ll beat more than 50% of the population.


That simple.


Author: bkbites

Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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