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The Children are Coming (hurrah hurrah) – part 5

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Today’s “Message Skit” is called “The Lunch Date”. It is based on an actual event, and one that is important enough to remember, that we are re-telling it in skit form. It involves a guy who is down on his luck, four friends who have different opinions about how to deal with him, and his take on them in the end. Thank goodness for “Creative License”.

And now, “The Lunch Date”.

Opens with a homeless guy sitting on a curb with a sign. 4 friends walk by. They slow as they walk past him & read his sign.


Charlie: “Trying to get to California, please help”. Wow! Good luck with that!


Jenn: Shhh! He can hear you.


Charlie: Hey, I’m just reading his sign.


(Carol turns back to talk to the stranger)


Billie: Hey, Carol, come on, We’ve got places to go, texts to send, tweets to, well, do whatever you do with tweets. What are you doing?


Carol: I’ll catch up. I want to talk to this poor guy.


Charlie: We won’t go far. We’ll need to know which car’s trunk you get stuffed in if this goes south.


Jenn: Come on. We’ll just wait over here. (all go to end of stage)


Carol: Excuse me, mister. Are you all right?


JC: Well, I’ve had worse days. Why didn’t you go on with the rest of your friends? Sounds like they have big plans for the rest of the day.


Carol: Oh, they’re all right. They have a hard time getting outside of their comfort zone and talking to strangers.


JC: Really! I’ll bet they have every minute of every day on facebook with 500 friends that they barely know, and they have a hard time talking to strangers? Sorry, sorry- I couldn’t help myself. So why did you come back.


Carol: I don’t know. I felt like I should. Like someone took my hand and led me back to you. What’s your name?


JC: My friends call me JC. What’s yours?


Carol: My friends call me Carol. How long have you been here?


JC: Most of the day. You’re the first person to stop.


Carol: That must be frustrating. So what’s in California?


JC: Some family. I had some hard luck in Ohio. Lost my job, then my house, then my car. If I can get to California, I’ll have a place to stay, and a chance to regroup and start over. Of course, I have to get there first.


Carol: I don’t know how much I can help. I don’t have much to share…


Charlie: (interrupts) Hey, Carol. Can we go now? This is sooo boring.


Billie: I know, right? I’ll bet I’ve sent 50 texts since she’s been over there.


Jenn: You guys are such idiots. Just give here a minute.


JC: You’d better get back to your friends, Carol, before your quartet becomes a trio. Thanks for stopping, though. It was nice chatting with you!


Carol: I’m glad I did! Good luck, JC. I’ll say a prayer for your safe journey. God bless you, and good luck! (to friends) Coming.


Charlie: So what’s up with “Hobo Joe”? Were you able to get him to California?


Jenn: Ya know, you could be a little less cynical of this whole situation. You don’t know this guy’s story. And besides, I admire Carol for what she did. I’m broke, as usual. But if I had a little money, and a little more gumption, I’d have joined her.


Carol: Thank’s, Jenn, but I don’t have all his answers either. But I felt in my heart that I should at least talk to him. (turns to Charlie) Turns out “El Jerko”, that he is going through what a lot of people are going through right now with the economy and job market the way they are. I think that he just appreciated a little human contact.


Billie: From the looks of him, I’d appreciate no human contact from him. I’d be afraid that he’d touch me or something.


Charlie: Did you stop to think about a little thing called safety? You know, self preservation? You don’t know how desperate he might be. You don’t know anything about him, do you? I can barely look at him.


Carol: I know what I felt. I’m sure that God would have been ok with me talking to him. I think that HE was the one who led me to him. And you can barely look at him? Well I did. I really looked. And I saw beyond the dirt & stringy hair and saw one of God’s children who needed help. (turns away from group, faces audience with eyes closed)


Charlie: Well I think you’re crazy. You can’t save everyone. And look at you; you’re a girl, who wouldn’t swat a fly, and you have no idea what this guy is capable of. Besides, he looks like he has fleas.


Jenn: Wow, you guys! I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen you in church and at the youth group meetings. Have you actually paid any attention to what Pastor and out teachers have said about how we should treat God’s children who are in need? Didn’t you hear the stories about Jesus healing the sick, raising people from the dead, and forgiving sinners when it was not in his best interest to do so? But He did it anyway. (turns to Carol) Carol, I’m sorry that these guys don’t… Carol? Are you ok?


Carol: Yes. Yes I’m better than ok. While you all have been yammering on, I have been praying. I thanked God for all that He has given to me. I thanked Jesus for always walking with me and propping me up when I start to sag under the burdens of our world. And I asked them to give me courage, to make the right choice when it comes to my new friend, JC. And you know what? I’m going to buy him lunch. What do you think about that?


Charlie: You’re crazy!


Billie: OMG, you’re helpless!


Jenn: Really? Good for you! But where did you get all that money?


Carol: Well, I’m not thinking “Steaks R Us”, but I have enough for a couple of value meals, and I trust that God is going to chaperone. I’ll catch up with you guys later.


Carol: (walks back to JC). So, JC, I can’t do much to get you to California, but I’d like to buy you lunch. When was the last time you ate anything?


JC: Day before yesterday. Someone gave me leftovers from a Mexican joint, and I paid for it all day yesterday. Thanks, Carol- I’m half starved!


Carol: Well, it won’t be fancy, but it will be something.


JC: Thanks again! Let’s go.


(Carol starts moving on. JC suddenly claps his hands & says “STOP!”. Every one freezes.)


JC: I’m moving on, now. Well, after lunch with Carol. But before I go, I have some parting gifts for you all. Billie, you couldn’t be more full of yourself. But neither this world, nor the next, is all about you. So I’m giving you the gift of humility. Use it to support your friends, rather than tear them down. And use your unlimited texting to spread my Father’s word.

Jennifer, to you I’m giving courage. Wishing and believing will not make something happen, but courage will. You are so close, and now with courage, you will find a way to make things happen, and you will be great at it


Charlie, my gift to you is fleas! (starts to walk away, but looks up) OK, Father, but he said… yes sir. Charlie, your cynical attitude is part practical and part “just plain lazy”. To you I give 2 gifts; wisdom and ambition. Using both, you will glorify my Father.


(walks to Carol) As for you, Carol, I think that we will have a long and beautiful relationship! You have honored me and my Father, and my gift to you, as long as you continue on this path, is everlasting life. I see that you’ve met my brother, the Holy Spirit. He’ll be there, too. Thank you!


(pauses) Alright. As before! (claps)


(everyone un-freezes. Charlie starts to itch, then stops)


JC and Carol exit.


The End



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