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The Children are Coming (hurrah hurrah) – part 1

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Every quarter Pastor Bill takes a small break from his normal Sunday responsibilities and allows the youth leader, John Riley, to conduct our children in leading the daily service. As it happens this daily service is typically field with humor, music, skits, stories, and the delivery of the word of God in the most unique fashion. I gobble it up like Thanksgiving Dinner! This week Pastor Bill sat down to talk about these services inspired by John and lead by our children. You’ll get to hear his comments later in this series, but for now, we are going to time warp back to last summer… (feel that DeLorean working for you)…

We’ve landed in July, 2012, where our young ladies and gentleman have graced the stage for The Debate (script please):

CAIAPHAS — (enters, crosses to podium, pounds gavel) This meeting of the Sanhedrin will come to order. The purpose of this special session is to decide what we are going to do about Jesus.

DELEGATE — What did he do this time?

CAIAPHAS — He’s getting bolder and bolder. Today he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey colt.

DELEGATE — What’s wrong with that?

CAIAPHAS — The prophet Zechariah prophesied that our messiah, the savior of Israel, will ride into Jerusalem on a donkey colt.

DELEGATE — Maybe Jesus IS our messiah.

CAIAPHAS — That’s impossible.

DELEGATE — Why is that impossible? The prophet Daniel predicted that today was the exact day that the messiah would ride triumphantly into Jerusalem.

CAIAPHAS — Yes, but Jesus calls himself the Son of Man. The messiah will be God himself. How can he be the Son of Man and God at the same time?

DELEGATE — The prophet Daniel predicted that the messiah would be called the Son of Man.

CAIAPHAS — (irritated) I know the scriptures as well as you! How can the messiah be both God and man? He must be one or the other.

DELEGATE — God has power to do many things. Can’t he be both God and man?

CAIAPHAS — I will remind you of the SHEEMAH! “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.” Did you hear that? ONE. If the Lord is ONE, he can’t be TWO.

DELEGATE — And I will remind you that the Hebrew word for LORD is a plural noun and the Hebrew word for ONE in the SHEEMAH means united. The Sheemah does not use the Hebrew word for singularity.

CAIAPHAS — Will you get to the point?!

DELEGATE — My point is that maybe our thinking about God has been wrong. Maybe our one God has more than one person.

CAIAPHAS — Don’t be ridiculous! We are the only nation on earth that worships one God and one God only. Are you saying that we now have two Gods?

DELEGATE — No. We know from the scriptures that God created time and space. Maybe outside of time and space it’s possible for one God to be more than one person.

CAIAPHAS — One God and two persons.

DELEGATE — Maybe three persons. The creation account in Genesis talks about another person called the Holy Spirit.

CAIAPHAS — One God and three persons.

DELEGATE — Three persons in one God. We don’t know what’s possible outside of our time and space.

CAIAPHAS — Alright, I’ll admit that a three person God is a better explanation for the Hebrew scriptures. But that doesn’t mean this Jesus is one of these persons.

DELEGATE — Jesus has healed the sick. He has driven out demons. He has calmed storms. He has even raised the dead. Isn’t that proof that he is one of the persons of God?

CAIAPHAS — Normally, I might agree. But this man is from Galilee. He’s an ordinary carpenter. Our messiah, our savior, was prophesied to be a king. We have always taught that our messiah will ride into Jerusalem with his conquering army. But when he rode into Jerusalem today, Jesus was alone.

DELEGATE — He was hardly alone. There must have been ten thousand people along the road side spreading palm branches and their own clothing for him to walk on.

CAIAPHAS — Ten thousand spectators is hardly an army.

DELEGATE — If we were mistaken about the number of persons in our God, perhaps we were mistaken about the army too.

CAIAPHAS — What do you mean?

DELEGATE — The prophet Isaiah predicted the messiah would suffer for our people.

CAIAPHAS — I knew that. We have long debated how one messiah could ride into Jerusalem with his conquering army and yet suffer for his people too. Maybe it’s one of the other persons of God that will suffer.

DELEGATE — No. The law only speaks of one messiah. Perhaps he will come to earth two times: the first time to suffer and another time to conquer the Romans.

CAIAPHAS — Alright, I will admit that there is only one messiah, and I will admit that for the sake of argument he comes to earth one time to suffer and another time to conquer. That still doesn’t mean that Jesus is the messiah. Where does it say that the messiah comes from Galilee?

DELEGATE — The scriptures don’t tell us where the messiah lives before he rides into Jerusalem. But it does say that he will be born as a baby and what city he’ll be born in.

CAIAPHAS — I know the scriptures as well as you! The messiah will be born in the City of David.

DELEGATE — In Bethlehem.

CAIAPHAS — That’s right. Bethlehem.

DELEGATE — Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

CAIAPHAS — Why would the messiah be born in Bethlehem and them move way out to the boondocks?

DELEGATE — Maybe his life was threatened. You know how jealous King Herod is. He had John the Baptist arrested. And John the Baptist was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy about the messiah.

CAIAPHAS — He was the ALLEGED fulfillment. But we’ll never know for sure, since Herod had John executed. We still don’t know if Jesus is the messiah.

DELEGATE — John the Baptist called Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Maybe Jesus is the suffering messiah.

CAIAPHAS — That’s preposterous! If Jesus is the lamb of God, that means his blood will be spilled.

DELEGATE — That would make him the suffering messiah, wouldn’t it?

CAIAPHAS — Don’t be silly. The Lamb of God would be killed. How could he be the conquering king if he’s dead?!

DELEGATE — Well, if Jesus raised others from the dead, couldn’t he raise himself from the dead?

CAIAPHAS — You’re still assuming that Jesus did all those miracles by the power of God. What if he did them by the power of Satan? If he’s using the power of Satan, he deserves to die.

DELEGATE — But what if we put him to death and find out we’ve killed our savior?

CAIAPHAS — I personally don’t need a savior. I keep the law.

DELEGATE — You didn’t really call this meeting to find the truth, did you? You called this meeting to announce that you were going to put Jesus to death.

CAIAPHAS — Yes. I did. The man called me a hypocrite. Nobody calls me a hypocrite and gets away with it! Nobody.

DELEGATE — What if he really is God in human flesh?

CAIAPHAS — Well, just in case Jesus IS the savior, we’ll work out a way to make the Romans do the dirty deed. (Laughs fiendishly, pounds gavel) This meeting is adjourned. (exits laughing)

©2008 Bob Snook. Conditions for use: Do not sell any part of this script, even if you rewrite it. Pay no royalties, even if you make money from performances. You may reproduce and distribute this script freely, but all copies must contain this copyright statement. email:


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