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Knock, Knock (part 3)

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Our society has become increasingly immoral and materialistic; such is wreaking havoc upon many in the Lord’s church. What we hear and see may only be the “tip of the iceberg”!


PURE – without blemish

UNDEFILED – untainted

Capable of keeping us UNSPOTTED from (by) the world,” Pastor Bill

How can we be pure in an impure world?
How can we be undefiled in a tainted society?
How can we be unspotted when we are trying to be noticed?


The bigger question…


It is possible, only BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!

Which can cleanse us and make us pure if we walk in the light with God – 1Jn 1:7

This involves keeping the commandments of God – 1Jn 2:3

For example, experiencing the INITIAL CLEANSING of the blood when we obey the commands to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins – Ac 2:38

And, experiencing the CONTINUOUS CLEANSING of the blood when we confess our sins to God – 1Jn 1:9,” Pastor Bill.

I don’t think I was baptized, and I’m old… ancient by some standards… how do I rectify this?

I believe in God and have no desire to be baptized, are you telling me that I will not have all that someone who has been baptized will have?

I think that sitting in a small box, telling all of my sins to some faceless man is not going to resolve anything for me.


I am writing this blog and use my imagination to foster all the arguments about what Pastor Bill is providing between guidance, education, scripture, but most importantly God’s work through his humanly body. There will, and always is, skeptics. There will be hecklers, and naysayers, as well as believers and nonbelievers.


I will not feign to say that I have all the answers. Nor will I sit here and lead you to believe I have no questions. I only know what I hear, learn, and chose to accept. And I will honestly tell you that I have my own sets of opinions that may or may not be frowned upon.


One such opinion is that sitting in a small box, telling some random guy my sins, being told to say even Hail Mary’s and I’ll be absolved, sounds ridiculous and pacifying. When Pastor Bill, discussed this, I had a renewed sense of “he gets the bigger picture”.


“It is possible only BY THE HELP OF GOD!
Who not only provides the blood of Christ to cleanse us from sin…But also a way of escape in times of temptation – 1Co 10:13

Yes, with Christ’s blood and God’s help, it is possible to be pure, undefiled, and unspotted by the world!

And this is what makes the religion of Jesus Christ UNIQUE! Other religions may be “practicing, practical and personal” But only the true religion of Jesus Christ can present one “pure” in the sight of God! – cf. Jn 14:6,” Pastor Bill.


So you can be okay.
No matter when you find God, your sincerity and humbled acceptance of your wrong doings, and willingness to work for amends with the help of God, you still have hope for a better ….




What kind of religion do YOU have?

Is it a PRACTICING religion?

Does it go beyond the walls of a building?

Does it go beyond the printed pages of the Bible?

Does it go beyond a superficial hearing of the Word?

Is it a PRACTICAL religion?

Does it consist of more than JUST “going to church, reading, and praying”?

Does it reach out and manifest itself in compassion to those in need?

Is it a PERSONAL religion? Going beyond what we may do in conjunction with others?

Including our personal involvement apart from what others may do? And is it a PURE religion?

Involving our initial cleansing from sin by the blood of Christ as we in faith repented and were baptized?

Involving our continual cleansing by the blood of Christ as we confess our sins and repent of them?

Does it include a putting away of sin with the help of God so

that we might be “unspotted by the world”?


If not, then whatever religion we have is USELESS and we are simply DECEIVING OURSELVES!


Let’s always encourage one another to be sure and have a “Pure And Undefiled Religion” before God!




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Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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