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Now I Lay me Down to Sleep (part 4)

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No, I’m not sneezing. The word has a meaning, a deep and powerful word of once upon a time…

Enveloped and Permeated with God

Pastor Bill, “The Hebrew word for rest is nuach; among other things, it means “to rest, remain, be quiet.” It also indicates a “complete envelopment and thus permeation,” as in the spirit of Elijah “resting” on Elisha, or when wisdom “rests in the heart of him who has understanding.”

God is not looking for a place where He can merely cease from His labors with men. He seeks a relationship where He can “completely envelop and thus permeate” every dimension of our lives, where He can tabernacle, remain, and be quiet within us.”



1. any place or house of worship, especially one designed for a large congregation.

2. (often initial capital letter ) the portable sanctuary in use by the Israelites from the time of their wandering in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt to the building of the Temple in Jerusalem by Solomon. Ex. 25–27.

3. Ecclesiastical. an ornamental receptacle for the reserved Eucharist, now generally found on the altar.

4. a canopied niche or recess, as for an image or icon.

5. a temporary dwelling or shelter, as a tent or hut.

6. a dwelling place.

7. the human body as the temporary abode of the soul.

verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

8. to place or dwell in, or as if in, a tabernacle.


Pastor Bill, “When God’s rest abides upon us, we live in union with Jesus the same way He lived in union with the Father (John 10:14-15). Christ’s thought-life was “completely enveloped and thus permeated” with the presence of God. He did only those things He saw and heard His Father do. He declared, “The Father abiding in Me does His works” (John 14:10). There is rest because it is Christ working through us. Jesus promises us, “If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it” (verse 14). How vain we are to think we can do miracles, love our enemies, or do any of the works of God without Christ doing His works through us!”


verb (used with object)

1. to pass into or through every part of: Bright sunshine permeated the room.

2. to penetrate through the pores, interstices, etc., of.

3. to be diffused through; pervade; saturate: Cynicism permeated his report.

verb (used without object)

4. to become diffused; penetrate.


To honor God, His Sabbath, we must remove ourselves from our human body and allow God to permeate our souls. In this act, of trust, God will have His rest within His home – your soul.

Pastor Bill, “This is why Jesus said, “Come to Me… and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). In a storm-tossed boat on the sea of Galilee, Christ’s terrified disciples came to Him. Their cries were the cries of men about to die. Jesus rebuked the tempest, and immediately the wind and sea became “perfectly calm,” even as calm as He was (Matthew 8:26). What program, what degree of ministerial professionalism can compare with the life and power we receive through him?

You see, our efforts, no matter how much we spend of ourselves, cannot produce the rest or life of God. We must come to Him. Many leaders have worked themselves nearly to exhaustion seeking to serve God. If they spent half their time with Him, in prayer and waiting before Him, they would find His supernatural accompaniment working mightily in their efforts. They would become passengers in the vehicle of His will, a vehicle in which He Himself is both Captain and Navigator.”


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One thought on “Now I Lay me Down to Sleep (part 4)

  1. Is that the same Hebrew word for “rest” as in ..”on the 7th day, God rested” ??

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