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Now I Lay me Down to Sleep (part 3)

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As we progress into this series we have learned two things:

  1. God rests within us.

  2. The Sabbath is not a holy day, but a day that is holy of God.

Here Pastor Bill took a slight turn in his sermon. In truth as I write this I start a bit perplexed, questioning what this next portion has to do with God’s resting place. By the conclusion I hope that you and I are both able to bridge our questions to their descended answers.

A sea of glass, like crystal (Revelations 4:6)

Pastor Bill, “Revelations 4:6 describes the throne of God as having a before it, as it were, “a sea of glass, like crystal.”

Can you picture a throne made of crystal?

The purity
The craftsmanship
The weight


Close your eyes, after reading the directions (please), and imagine this chair. Really see the chair. With your eyes still closed picture the ocean or sea as you have pictured the chair…

The purity
The craftsmanship
The weight


Pastor Bill, “A sea of glass is a sea without waves or ripples, a symbol of the imperturbably calm of God. Let us grasp this point:

The Sabbath was not a source of rest for God
God was the source of rest for the Sabbath.”

Now I understand this metaphor to say that “A sea of glass, like crystal” would be symbolic for the ultimate display of rest. Trees rest without wind or “sleep” in the winter. People rest when their bodies grow tired and eyes grow heavy. Animals rest pretty much whenever they want. The sea, though, truly is never resting. The water and creatures within are always moving.  To see God’s ultimate display of what “rest” should be would be to calm the sea to the point it resembled crystal. I get it.

Pastor Bill, “As it is written, “The Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired” (Isaiah 40:28). And even as the Sabbath became holy when God rested upon it, so we became holy as we put away sin, as the fullness of God settles and rests upon us.

In our study, we are not associating God’s rest merely with the sense of being rebuilt or rejuvenated, which we obviously need and associate with human rest. The rest we seek is not a rejuvenation of our energy; it is the exchange of energy: our life for God’s, through which the vessel of our humanity is filled with the Divine Presence and the all-sufficiency of Christ Himself.”

As human’s we need rest daily; whether it is one lump sum or spread out through mini breaks. Our bodies are not capable of working without stopping. Those that attempt to push themselves find that their bodies become weaker, crumple, and illness prevails.

If the rest we are speaking of, the Sabbath rest, the Holy rest, were about rejuvenation and rebuilding energy, than the Sabbath would be a daily occurrence. So that would be a false conclusion.

The “rest” we seek in the Sabbath is the rest of continuity of the temple of the body of Christ. It is His “rest” to build our spirits and recapture what we can so easily lose throughout the week of distraction.

The “rest” is God’s chance to reconnect our heart and soul to the source of our main battery supply – HIM!

Pastor Bill, “… our life for God’s, through which the vessel of our humanity is filled with the Divine Presence and the all-sufficiency of Christ Himself.”


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