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Faithing Away the Impossible (part 3 – conclusion)

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Why does God get blamed when things don’t go the way “we” want them?

Maybe we were lacking in faith.

Maybe you were looking for your answer, not His.

Maybe it is in our myopic existence, believing happiness cannot last, that we change the definition of the answer to something negative.

While Pastor Bill was providing his Sunday prayers for those with requests he mentioned, as typical, “We pray to you Lord to help heal those in need.” He then would list ailments, names, and ask multiple times for God’s hand to reach down upon these people and “heal them”.

It was then that God reached his hand onto me and helped me understand that our definition and His definition are, often times, different.

I expanded my vision to think of “healing” this way. Where I want my loved one to get up from the gurney, walk to me, wrap their arms around me, and then we leave to go off on some other amazing adventure. God’s idea of healing may be comprised of a different vision. For God, his healing is of the spirit, to bring peace to his flock, which may just mean a one-way ticket to join Him in heaven.

Did God not hear me?
I wanted my loved one to stay with me;
to walk from the gurney,
and be healed.

How can God do this to me?

God wasn’t doing anything to you.
He was answering your prayer.
And the prayer of the person laying on the gurney.

It is all about faith.

So, now you are buying into the idea that we need to have more faith in God. Great. How do I, we, you, me faith away the impossible?

Pastor Bill, “I provide pre-marital counseling. In this counseling I always ask the couple what percentage they are willing to give in the marriage. The common answer is 50%/50%. While, sometimes, I hear 110%. Neither answer is correct.

To give only 50% to a marriage and expect the other 50% from your partner means that you are only 50% married.

To give 110% means that you are giving more than you actually have. It’s like this. If I say I’ll give you 110% of $10 that means that I’m actually going to give you $11, but I only have $10. So you end up borrowing that extra $1 to reach 110%. That is the same in a marriage. You give more than you have and then you are borrowing it from someone else, usually your spouse.

The correct answer is 100%, from each person.

God will always give you 100% of him, under the condition that you give 100% of you to God. It is no different than the married couple. It is a partnership.”

Again, how does this apply to faithing away the impossible?

Say you have a difficult decision to make. You are not sure whether to stay in your job, stay married, have another child, pull life support from a loved one, or something along those lines. You sit down and pray, thinking that this decision is impossible to make. You play the “what if” scenarios until you can recite them backwards or in Yiddish (and you don’t even speak Yiddish). You hold onto that decision, despite your “faith” in God, all the mean time praying.

Give it UP!

Give up the decision because your faith is not in God but in your own ability.

Give it up to God!

By giving your faith 100% to God, and earnestly praying in that faith to your Shepherd. He will guide you. And suddenly what seems to be impossible has been faithed away to possible. And, thought difficult, the decision will feel right because it is based on the faith you have given unto your Father.

It sounds easy, right?
Faith away the Impossible.

It won’t be. At least not at first.


Because faith is based on trust, and that means you will be reaching your hand out, without second guessing, or marring the answer with humanly “what ifs”. You will know, just know, when the answer has come from God.

And in these answers, what if you are disappointed or hold anger in the results of the decision?

Than you have lost your faith and put your belief back in man. And in man alone decisions so large will bare a cross on your shoulders that makes it impossible to move forward without looking back.

What if…

Lay that cross to rest.

Find peace within your home – your soul.

Open the door and let God be your Shepherd.


Author: bkbites

Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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