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Tying it With a Pretty Little Bow

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We’ve talked about trust, humility, praying.

We’ve thrown in faith, hope, and desperation.

We’ve given our bodies at altars and screamed for God to hear our voices.

And yet, you don’t believe.

It’s blind faith.

There is no God.

There is no Jesus.

These are just other ways of manipulating our minds to do someone else’s bidding.

No matter what you say I’ll never believe in the Heavenly Father.

Is it our mission to force you to believe or is it our mission to lead you to the place where you can make a fully earnest decision based on fact, knowledge, and desire?


I don’t mean buy 4 get the 5th one free. I don’t mean more for the buck. I want you to think about the deep soul inspired values that the bible gives us.

Can you believe in this, in values?

The bible is long and arduous reading. I don’t know to many families that have read the book from beginning to end without many breaks, or remembering all that is shared, but I know many whom have tried. In the end though, we all walk away with one liquid coursing through our veins that nobody can argue sharing – values.

Why the heck does she keep writing this word? It’s getting annoying!

Your child is standing at a street corner and sees a man push a woman to the ground, hurt her, and run away with her purse… What is the first thought you want your child to have?

You stand in front of your TV set and watch a woman, head shrouded in fancy fabric,  cradle her small child as the reporter shows her blood stained face, streaked in tears, announcing that our bombs have killed her entire family as she sought refugee from the terrorists in her homeland… What is the first thing you think about this woman, and her suffering?

Your husband comes home and tells you that his co-workers for the last twenty years, and his closest friends, were all laid off from work today… What is the first thing that should run through his mind?

Values… The things that God gives to us in the stories of the Bible. The things that the loss of his son, Jesus, has freed us all to have. The values of all the things our schools try to instill in our children through “Character Counts” assemblies but doing so without the religious aspect. Can you have these values and not believe in God, or Jesus, or the stories of the Bible?

You can.

But stop and think that if we didn’t have the Bible, God, and Jesus, would these values even be transported to our generation and those that came before or follow in our footsteps? The only answer is maybe. There is no guide for them. And selfish thoughts that hurt others seem to reign at the forefront of many souls.

Is selfishness a trait of evil? 

Without the Bible, and those that believe, would we have








Again… maybe.

Stretch your imagination for just a little while. Open your hearts and your mind. As Bill once stated, standing in front of his congregation, “What will it hurt to believe? What will you lose? Absolutely nothing.” You gain a faith, a leader that can help remind you that sacrifice is sometimes the golden answer to the question and the rewards will unfold before you.

You hope your child’s first thought is, “That poor woman, how can we help her.”

You hope your first thought is, “That poor woman, how can we help her.”

You hope your husband’s first thought is, “How can we help those that lost their jobs?”

You pray for the values you want those around you to have. Now it’s time to pick up the book and instill them within yourself.

Are you allowed to “slip”? Be “selfish”? Be “unkind”? Break the values that are set in front of you like a beacon to a lost ship? Yes. Jesus died so you can err. That’s what The book says. There is a BUT though. You have to own your mistakes, your slips, your ill words, your misuse of the values you so strongly want instilled around you. That’s okay. It’s one step to being a better human – owning our mistakes – instead of using those mistakes to teach others who are watching us, learning from us, how to be lessor than the expectations we put on them.

Change starts within.

Believing is our path to the values that are good, positive, and necessary for a healthier, better world.

It takes little effort to start and a lot to stay the course until your heart understands this path is the happiest one to walk.

Happy People Don’t Hurt Others.

Is it blind faith? 


Is it willing choice?

Tying it all together, Latreese commented on the posting “We Interrupt Our Regular Program…” with this comment, 

Both of these trust & faith are facets of love, the greatest lesson from Jesus Christ ….And now these three remain faith, hope and love; but the greatest of these is love 1 COR 13:13

And yet there is more to consider… Radical abandonment, for one. Join us in the next series “Jesus Played the Fiddle”.


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Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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