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Power of Words

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Sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me. How many of you have heard these words? How many of you have fallen victim to them? We believe that these words are true, and walk away from the nagging feeling inside of us, to one day wake up and realize we’ve been hurting a long time because of words not sticks and stones.

There are hundreds of websites devoted to the power of words. Try googling “words of affirmation”, “power words”, “positive poetry”, “the bible”, “God”, “scripture”, or any bible verse that comes to mind (for me I am fixated on Exodus 20…), and you will see that there is great power in words. That words mean more than sticks and stones or fluffy pillows under our heads. Words change the character of people. Words change the meaning of a situation. Words can alter the course of a conversation. Words can alter the course of a war. Sticks and stones hurt but we know exactly what it is going to feel like when they hit, the message is clearly that to cause physical pain, but words, even one word can change so much more.

Have you ever sat down and tried to have a conversation with yourself? Try it. And then try to have that same conversation, start it the exact same way, with someone else. Everything changes in your words. The tone of your voice, your posture, your words will even begin to alter as the conversation progresses.

Words change like the weather.

The Bible is all about words. God is all about words. God’s values are all about words. We read. We write. Words. And daily we all need these words to lift us up and carry us into the next day. Words such as…


These words exist in so many formats, and are plastered in offices, schools, now cropping up on Facebook as though a new fashion statement. And it’s good. These words are wonderful. God would rejoice to see so much positive influence.

The ultimate question remains… How to take these words and apply them to our daily lives?

The Lord gave us many words in the Bible. These words are the direction we are to walk, to think, to breath, to believe as our holy grail of life. And in these words we are to lift spirits to heaven, not stomp them into the ground.

Today’s society is a tough marker for our Lord King, but one person can change all of that. You can change all of that. Use God’s words, make them your own, and share their wealth with those around you.

Dealing with a non-believer? That’s okay too. God understands and will place his loving hand upon your shoulder to give you strength to share your words in a manner which they will be heard for their truest intentions and meanings. God knows what words to use and he’ll bless you by standing with you as you share your heart and his love. It is in this that honest and humbly used words can provide comfort, even change another’s heart, to acceptance and growth.

I try to always remember Mother Teresa’s words, “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.”


Author: bkbites

Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

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