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Out of the Box

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The video for last weeks sermon will hopefully be available soon. Meantime, I have to say that it was completely out of the box! And I loved it!

Imagine walking into the church as normal. Your greeter shaking your hand is all of barely out of diapers (okay, pushing 14 maybe), and when he says, “Welcome. How are you today,” I could have been blown over by a gentle breeze. Beyond that is the old mahogany and stained glass windows that were once the outer front of the church only to rest nestled inside of new exterior walls where the weather will not beat at them any longer. Safe. Warm. Dry. You walk to the right and can enter one side of the main church, but to continue you would find the toddler room (aka nursery) and the church offices. To the left of the entrance is the coat area, another entrance into the main congregation, and the social room (or the right wing with the kitchen).

The pre-service mingling was bustling, as normal. The mix of ages bumping into each others past week and exploring what will come next. A warm group, that is much more a family than church brethren. You walk in and automatically a swarm of bees are drawn to you, welcoming you and your family, as though they’ve never seen you before but with a comfortable air of “glad you made it home”. Confusing to the senses but tender to the heart.

This particular service was to be something unique and special. No children services were offered, and here I sat with my three boys solo. I worried a bit about Zach making it through, especially since I really wanted to be there when Sam read his part. It wasn’t a skit as much as a reading of scripture. I dislike missing anything my children are involved in, and to think that the needs of the youngest would yet again trump the special moment of the eldest was working at my strings of reasonable decision making. Fortunately this day proved to be filled with great surprises.

The biggest surprise came when, as a congregation, we learned from our Lay Leader, who was (maybe 11), that Pastor Bill was taking this Sunday off turning the entire service over to the children. Now, this was pre-planned, but us who don’t get too involved, were left a great surprise. Not only because the kids took over, but (and not surprisingly) they were fantastic!! The readings focused on Passover and Communion. The skits were enforcing the ideas behind the message (or possibly quite the other way around).

I have never in my life attended a service strictly run by the youth group. I so look forward to a long and happy future with Plymouth. The message always seems to have something positive to say, the different approach to incorporating all the members, including the youth, keeps the messages fresh. Now to work on some of the music…


Author: bkbites

Stay at home Mom of 3 boys, 1 goofy dog, 2 wickedly crazy cats, and a traveling husband. Ah, what can be better? It's a full life without a doubt.

One thought on “Out of the Box

  1. What a perfect and accurate account of experiencing Plymouth!

    The youth of our congregation are our future and continue to simply amaze me! God has touched each and everyone one of them with a special talent. Actually, He has touched all of us with a special talent.

    Let’s join our youth in celebrating Jesus!

    Thanks again to John who did another outstanding job in planning this worship service!

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