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Changes to the Plymouth Blog


Message from Sarah Maylath:

As was announced several weeks ago, Caron has stepped down from managing the blog and website here at Plymouth. For those who don’t realize it, Caron was the person who drove construction of the site and blog.  She did much behind the scenes to get the infrastructure in place and to get things launched.  Her work over the years has been invaluable to Plymouth!

We’re blessed to have had Beth and Scott Krane come to Plymouth through the homeschooling group that uses our facility as their meeting site.  Beth enjoys blogging and volunteered to take over the duties.  At this time, we expect that she’ll blog about once a week.   As always, guest bloggers are welcome and encouraged.  If you would like to write something, please let me or Pastor or Beth know and we’ll be happy to get your work on the site.  You don’t need to be an experienced writer!  Just share what is on your heart.

I am taking over moderator duties which is basically just a fancy way of saying I will press the button that posts blogs and comments to the site.  I am a moderator on another social networking/support site where it’s a complicated job because of the number of posting rules.  There are often edits made to what people have posted.  If we all keep in mind that we are primarily representing Christ to the world through our site, and secondarily representing Plymouth, we shouldn’t need any further rules for the blog.

Along those lines, please avoid using “anonymous” when posting a comment.  The interaction on a blog can deepen relationships in our church family/community and using “anonymous” puts up a barrier to knowing each other better.  If you are concerned about privacy, you could consider posting your first name and last initial only.  There is NOT a rule against using “anonymous” – I am just asking that, if you feel tempted to use it, you ask yourself why you aren’t willing to make your comment openly.

In addition to the changes on the blog, Lance and I will be working to keep the Plymouth website up to date.  If you have events in the life of Plymouth that should be added to the calendar, or pictures that should be uploaded, please let us know.


2 thoughts on “Changes to the Plymouth Blog

  1. Thank you to:
    Caron, Sarah, Lance, Beth and Pastor Bill! I look forward to future posts.


    Bob Dzurko

  2. Thank you for such a gracious and warm welcoming to my family and myself. I am excited about becoming closer with the congregation at Plymouth, and to having the ability to share thoughts each week through this wonderful forum.

    Thank you, Sarah and Lance, for taking on the task of moderation as well as website development. Neither task is easy but both so worthwhile.

    I also want to say thank you to Caron for her efforts to bring Plymouth into today’s social networking via the internet. I look forward to getting to know you and share experiences.

    Again, thank you so much.

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