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Worthy of Suffering For?

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… that the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. Look around, look closely at the people in your life right now, and ask yourself about each one: ‘Is (s)he worth suffering for?’
I usually love these little messages, but lately, there have been a few that just don’t seem right.  And the above is one of them.  What do you take away from this statement and do you agree with it?

One thought on “Worthy of Suffering For?

  1. I think this is true. I think everyone does hurt us at some point or another. And I think we do need to evaluate those relationships when it happens. Where I disagree is that it is suffrage.

    I make mistakes in my communication sometimes. Meaning, I will say or do stupid. The thing is my friends, those that really know me, understand I meant no harm or malice. It was a mistake, a poor judgment, never intended to hurt though it did, and given an opportunity I will own it and try to fix what I’ve done wrong.

    There are others that will try to hurt people, intentionally, because they have so much pain in their lives. It is in those relationships we need to ask ourselves if we want to be associated. Sometimes family members fall into this group.

    Then there are times that our spouses make such poor choices, not with the idea that they want to hurt you but because they just don’t know how to be a good spouse. As my mother in law stated, “Sometimes love just isn’t enough.”

    So, I do agree with the basic foundation of God’s statement. His calling to evaluating our relationships. I just don’t think it is suffering. I think it is human nature.

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