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Special Report:  Faith on TV

Funny that I came across this article as Pastor Bill was just telling me the other day that while there were parts of  The Simpsons he wasn’t crazy about, the show did incorporate faith / religion into its episodes.  I guess I need to check the show out, but that may cause my kids to go in to cardiac arrest if they ever found out!  This was a show that I would tell them not to watch, as the ads I saw for the show always left me with a negative impression.  Shame on me, I guess, for judging the “book by its cover.” 

Image Credit: Fox / SpoilerTV

I’ve mentioned before that Saving Grace was another unlikely show where you would find faith-based issues being raised.  That series has now ended, but if you ever have a chance to watch reruns, take the time to do so.   The article link above mentions Special Agent Seely Booth from Bones as a TV character who embraces his faith.  This happens to be one of my favorite shows and one of the reasons is because of what “Booth” has to say about his faith.

What TV shows do you watch where faith / religious themes have crept in?



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