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Are We Adults Being Left Behind?

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Pastor Bill’s question to the kids on the Sunday following Christmas was “What did you get for Christmas?”  And all but one mentioned a new iPhone, iPad or some other electronic device.  All the younger kids at a recent Christmas party all had their eyes glued to their new phones.

I may buy a laptop in the near future.  Now, I know I am way behind, but in the past when I used my husband’s laptop, I just wasn’t comfortable with it.  But with this being my year to finish a project I’ve been working on for three years, I’ve finally decided a laptop would be beneficial.  But it may be another few years before I can bring myself to buy a phone with touch screen.

I’m ok with being “technically challenged.”  I do, however, understand how kids today (yikes, just those words make me sound old!) need to immerse themselves in technology to “survive” or “get ahead” in their future.  But after hearing the kid’s answers in church, part of me couldn’t help but wonder what ever happened to getting dolls, trains or games?

All of these new phones, internet access, etc. can open up whole new worlds, but I am glad I am not the parent of a teenager, having to decide what to allow and what to deny.   Lance forwarded an article to me that I thought was pretty interesting regarding youth and technology.  Just click here to read more:  How the Internet Challenges Traditional Parent-Child RolesWhat do you think?


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