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I have often wondered why the people in charge of sports felt the need to schedule televised games on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Yesterday, Coach Phil Jackson asked the same question.  He said “it seems like Christian holidays don’t matter anymore.”

Comments made to the article I read about this topic ranged from “they’re getting paid mega bucks to play a child’s game, so deal with it,” to “I would think more of any millionaire who wanted to spend the holidays with his loved ones rather than making the almighty dollar.”

But several people made the point that it isn’t just the “millionaire sports figures” out there “working.”  It’s the food vendors, ushers, etc. who are also required to work … and who may make just the minimum wage … and they, too miss spending the day with their families.

What do you think?  Should there be televised college or pro sporting events on Thanksgiving or Christmas?

And now on to another topic …

Did you know that Baby Jesus figures from outdoor Christmas displays have the tendency to disappear?  According to folks who called in to a local radio station the other day, it seems the problem is fairly wide-spread.  I was interested to learn that you can now order these figures with GPS!!  (Maybe adding a sign to the Nativity display with the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Steal” might help …)


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