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You Gotta’ Laugh …


Via AOL, Marlo Thomas informs us that children laugh an average of 75 times a day.  While adults laugh on average of 12 times a day.

Yesterday’s blog touched on bringing joy to others.  But what about laughter and joy in our own lives?

Most of us can attest to the fact that God certainly has a sense of humor.  We may say that “I’m never going to do this or that,” and then guess what?  God  has a way of putting us in those particular “learning moments.”

On Thanksgiving Day, my parents brought over a new little toy they thought that I would enjoy.  It’s a little dog who when turned on, rolls back and forth and laughs and laughs.  And when you think it’s stopped, it starts all over again.  I’ve played it for three grandchildren now and I have to say that I seem to enjoy it more than they do. 

Laughter is contagious, too.  Have you ever been in say a restaurant and you hear a group break out in laughter?  Doesn’t it make you at least smile, too?
One of my grandsons has a great laugh – you have to laugh yourself when you hear him.

And if laughing just to laugh isn’t enough, research shows that laughter can reduce stress, increase pain tolerance and support your immune system.

So here’s your laugh for the day …


4 thoughts on “You Gotta’ Laugh …

  1. So if pastor doesn’t take the hint from the strategically placed squeaky floor boards we will have to move to this more direct method of controlling him (ha ha).

  2. Nothing personal with this cartoon, P. Bill. It’s just the first one I came to that made me laugh out loud! 🙂

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