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Take the time now …

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It was a sad day in “Cub-dom” last week when we learned of the passing of Cub’s legend Ron Santo.

While technically he wasn’t the greatest announcer, he was the Cubs’ biggest fan.

He was also the former player who, year after year, has been denied entrance into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  But I wonder how fast “they” will vote him in posthumously?  It would have given Mr. Santo such pleasure to have been given that honor … while he was alive. 

And that seems to serve as a perfect example of how, if we can bring joy to someone’s life, we should do so …  while they are living …   the whole “bring a person flowers while they’re living, instead of sending them to their funeral” type of thing.   Been meaning to visit that elderly relative, but just haven’t gotten around to it?  What about that teacher that “made the difference” for you back in high school – maybe it’s time to write that letter of appreciation.  Take the time now …


One thought on “Take the time now …

  1. This is a letter to all who have served me in the past 40 years!

    Thank you Cheshire United methodist Charge, (5 churches that I served as pastor in the 70’s)
    Thank you Dover Congregational Church (Mid 80’s)
    Thank you to the Beecher community Church 80’s & 90″s)
    Thank you Rock Solid Church (90’s also Route 66 for many ministry experiences).

    A special thankyou to the Family at the Plymouth Congregational Church who have become real family and have helped me to become a far better pastor, precaher and Person in the past 3 years, you have a very special place in my life!

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