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Happy Day!

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Thank you to Linda S. for submitting today’s post …

One day while “surfing” the channels on television, I stopped when I saw Dr. Nancy Snyderman.  Some of you may know who she is. At times she appears on the Today show giving medical advice.   She was on another program discussing how stress plays a part in our health.   She told a story of how one day she arrived home and was “all stressed out”.  Her little boy was outside playing and she went out to see him.  He came running to her and they sat down on the ground.  As they were talking, a beautiful butterfly flew down and lightly landed on her arm.  Both the little boy and the doctor smiled while they marveled at the beauty of the butterfly.  As the butterfly flew away, her little boy turned to her and said, “That was the gift for today!”   Dr. Snyderman said what he said really struck a chord with her.  And she said the stress of her day just disappeared.  That moment also started a new daily communication with her son.   Each night they would tell each other what their “gift” was that day.  I began thinking how we rush through our lives, day by day, missing our “gift of the day” so I decided to start looking for my gift.  There are many gifts but if you are really open to it, you will find THE GIFT of the day that God really has in mind just for YOU.  And, it will come at just right time. 

My gifts have come in the form of a bumper sticker, a smile from someone I do not know, a phone call from someone I really miss or things like that butterfly.  I recall one day when I had a pretty rough day, nothing had gone right, the boss was not very pleasant (no doubt in need of his own “gift”) and I was pretty worn out and grumpy from a very tiring day and I could not wait to get home.  Then, wouldn’t you know it, on my way home there was a huge traffic jam and I was getting more and more aggravated.  I just wanted to get home, eat dinner and relax.  We have all been there, haven’t we?  It seems like it is when we are in a rush that something always slows us down. (And maybe that is God’s way of telling us just that . . . “SLOW DOWN“)  So there I was stopped with what seemed to be a zillion (okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, it was a million) cars in front of me when something in the cornfield to my right caught my eye.  There, tangled up on one of the dried dead cornstalks sticking up, was a balloon that must have escaped from a kid’s party or something and waving in the wind to me was the message on the balloon. “Happy Day.  It didn’t say “Have a Happy Day”….just “Happy Day”.   I started to smile, remembering my “gift” and realizing THIS was my gift for today.  It was a reminder that THIS IS A HAPPY DAY.  So what if I was stuck a little while in traffic and that things had not really gone as I would have liked them to it still was a beautiful day and I had many things to be thankful for.  So there, in the middle of a traffic jam was a message, out in a field, reminding me that THIS IS A HAPPY DAY.  I smiled and felt myself relaxing and feeling calmer than I had all day.  Psalm 118:24 reminds us that “THIS IS THE DAY GOD HAS MADE. WE WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.”  God never said we wouldn’t have traffic jams or cranky bosses or other things that are not so pleasant, but through it all He is telling us that we still can REJOICE and be glad for the day…the day … THIS DAY that HE made for us.  Try this for a week, find your “gift” and see how it changes your outlook.  Our God has given us such wonderful gifts but sometimes we are just in too big of a hurry to receive them.  We need to SLOW DOWN!  I am glad I was stuck in the traffic jam it made me slow down and realize that today is a HAPPY DAY.   Keep your heart, mind and eyes open. See what your “gift” is. Share it with others.  Share it right here.  I hope your gift today is wonderful and I hope you have a Happy Day!


One thought on “Happy Day!

  1. Both Larry and Lin-DUH are my gift!

    Along with……..

    Just stop and smell the Dandilions! (you know the wonderful yellow flower in all of our yards!) I love them!

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