Plymouth Congregational Church

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We are FAM-I-LY!!

What a great night we had last Friday evening at our annual Harvest Home dinner at church!  If ever there was a time to feel like you were part of a larger family, that was it.

Of course, all of our gatherings usually include good food – and lots of it – and Friday night was no exception.  It’s always an amazing display of mouth-watering dishes.  And speaking as someone who would rather do almost anything else than cook, I love potlucks!

The evening’s entertainment included a skit performed by a seemingly unlikely group of actresses.  Who knew we had so much hidden talent among us?  But isn’t this just another example of what Pastor Bill has been trying to get us to accept?  That we need to take that next step, to do the things we don’t think we can do.  And to look to the “unexpected” person to take on a task.
   (To those who may be reading this who were not at the program … the skit involved six women of the church representing “the Fogeys,” who took issue with recent sermons preached by their pastor.  They heard the pastor say one thing when really he quoted the Bible verses correctly.  It was a humorous take on why they thought he was “spreading lies and deceit” while John R. reiterated the correct verse / message from the Bible.  I’m just sorry that we don’t have a video clip to include here …)

The Harvest Home Committee did a great job – as usual – in organizing the dinner.  One couple donated the turkey for the meal.  Over $8,000 was collected for the maintenance of our meeting-house.  We have a pastor who, as John said, has a “quirky” sense of humor that would accept the “criticism” in good fun.  And it’s always interesting to me to hear what songs people choose as their favorites to sing during song requests.

To me, it’s these times of fellowship that sort of “re-charge” our spirits as a church family so that we are able to carry on the year ’round ministry of our church.  We may be small, but we CAN have a mighty effect on those within our own church family and our community.

Thank you to all who had a part in such a great evening!

“On this day, God wants you to know”

… that together we are strong. When you join your hearts and prayers and intentions with the hearts and prayers and intentions of others, almost anything becomes possible.


3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Thank you! I too was moved and believe God is working to get us all to where He wants us to be so He can use us more that we ever thought possible!


    I too had a wonderful time at the Harvest Home Dinner and felt more a part of family than most could imagine!

  3. And what a great service yesterday – one of the most moving Communion services ever, Pastor Bill!

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