Plymouth Congregational Church

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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go …

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This Sunday there will be no worship service held at the Plymouth Congregational meeting house in Plainfield, IL.  Don’t worry, the church didn’t burn down or anything so drastic.  No, we are taking the “church” out in to the community!

Sunday, Oct. 31st, will be our first fifth Sunday “Service Sunday.”  We will be dressing in our work clothes, gathering our tools and traveling to the homes of our members, friends or people in the community who need small jobs done around their homes.  Hanging shelves … painting trim … trimming bushes … cleaning gutters. 

Will it be work?  Yes.  But as Pastor Bill has said, if we look at work as “service,” the task becomes much lighter!  And of course, there will be food when the jobs are completed and I’m sure much laughter along the way!

Those of you who will be going … please take some photos of your group and your finished project and send them along to me.  I will make sure they get posted one day next week.


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