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Getting Through a Bad Day

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 You may get tired of them, but I truly enjoy my “On this day, God wants you to know” messages.  They seem to come at a time when I’ve been thinking about the very thing the message is about.  This one came to me the other day …

On this day, God wants you to know

… that you can get through a bad day. When you’re having a bad day, you have a choice. You can complain and gripe and dwell on the misery, or you can let go of it and look for the good, and maybe, just maybe, even laugh about it.

I don’t think they’re refering to the kind of day when true tragedy strikes, but rather those days when one thing after another goes wrong.  And we all have days like that, don’t we?

When my daughter was planning her wedding, she was attending college out-of-state, attending to details long-distance along with my help here at home.  The facility where we thought we had booked the date for the reception actually gave our date away to someone else.  A major “catastrophe” early in the planning!  I told my crying daughter that it would all work out and that “some day” we’d laugh about the situation.  And it did work out – she ended up getting a discount at a nicer facility – and she can at least smile about the whole thing now.

Last Friday, when I was working on the bulletin for church, was a good example of a day gone bad.  Whatever could have gone wrong went wrong.  It was due to my own mistakes, so I have no one to blame but myself.  By the end of the afternoon, I just kind of laughed to myself and finally got it put together.  (Pastor Bill missed the laughing part … I told him that if anyone didn’t believe in miracles, they should hold their bulletin – it was a miracle there WAS one for Sunday!)

Things will go wrong during the course of 24 hours.  But it’s up to you whether it ruins your day.  Go outside and stand in the sunshine for a few minutes.  Do something for someone else.  Call an old friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.  Sit quietly for a few minutes.  Treat yourself to some ice cream (my usual solution!)  Try to think of something good that DID happen that day and thank God for it …


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