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Faith Journey

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Miss Helen Patterson.  Bob and Hope Patterson Clow.  Sarah Clow Boris. 
Harry and Jane Patterson Clow.

Miss Helen was the teacher of our primary-age Sunday school class.  Hope Clow taught us when we were a little older.  Bob Clow taught us when we were of high school age.  Harry and Jane were our Youth Group leaders, while Harry’s sister Sarah, played the piano for all our meetings.  Harry, Bob and Sarah were siblings.  Helen, Jane and Hope were cousins.  Miss Helen never married or had children of her own.  Bob and Hope never had children of their own.  Sarah, Harry and Jane were had three children.  One dedicated family who taught many other children over many, may years about Jesus. 

All of the above have gone on to experience their “eternal reward” except for Jane.  She is 92+ years old and living in New York.  In one of life’s funny twists, Jane and I have reconnected.  I am working on researching the more than 300 veterans named on a soldier’s monument in Plainfield, IL.  The soldiers served in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and WWI.  One of Plainfield’s most famous Civil War veterans was Capt. Edward S. McAllister.   Jane  just happens to be Capt. McAllister’s great-granddaughter and has possession of a handful of letters the Captain wrote his wife during the war.  Funny how life’s circles complete themselves over the years, isn’t it?

Most of the Bible stories and verses I can recall as an adult, I learned because of the efforts of these few people.  Who made a difference in your early religious education?  Or maybe you didn’t have a chance to go to church or Sunday school as a youth.  Who was that person (s) who made a difference in your faith journey?


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