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Commercial Value (s)


Commercials can be pretty entertaining.  I have to admit I watch the Super Bowl more for the new commercials than to actually watch the game.  One of my current favorite commercials is the one where the wife has the table on the deck all set.  The husband decides he needs to power wash the deck, loses control of the washer and basically destroys everything in sight.

But there’s one commercial that’s playing that just really bothers me.  And that’s the one where the daughter asks the Mom if she’s seen her shirt.  The Mom says no, and then we see her replay in her mind the night she wore the shirt out with her friends.   She remembers that she got a stain on the front of the shirt and searches through the laundry, uses some stain remover and throws it in the wash.  Next thing we see is the daughter wearing the shirt and the mother saying something like “Oh, I see you found your shirt.”  The daughter then replies that it must have been hidden in her closet.

Maybe I’m being too picky, but I don’t like the fact that the Mother lied to her daughter.  And that the commercial makes it seem like it’s okay that the Mother lied.  (And did the commercial make me want to buy the product?  I can’t even tell you what, other than a stain remover, the product is!)

Too picky or do you feel the same way?  Have you noticed other commercials where you don’t like the message being presented?


2 thoughts on “Commercial Value (s)

  1. When I did a search trying to find the product that was featured in this commercial, I ran across a couple of blogs about this very same topic. Many people are not happy with the message within this commercial, so we’re not alone.

  2. I feel the very same way. There are many more starting to air with the same theme, lying. It has become the standard in television.

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