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A Person’s “Best Moment”

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“Every man is entitled to be valued by his best moment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Scrolling through radio stations on the way home last night, I just happened to hear a part of a conversation on forgiveness.  A woman read the above quote and stated that it helped her with the process of learning to forgive her father, who was “demeaning and abusive.”  She told of a man whose father left his mother when he was just a little boy.  They reconnected as adults and tried working on their relationship, though it seemed they always had problems.  However, the son said he had a shadowbox in his home which held his father’s war medals.  He said he could point to this box and tell his children that his father served in the war and was a courageous man.  He knew that despite whatever else his father had done, at the time of his service, that was “his best moment.”
How true do you think this statement is? 

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