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The weather prediction for a particular day this week was “Abundant Sunshine.”  That caught my attention.  Why not just say “sunshine?”  But they chose to include that very descriptive word – “Abundant.”  Great word, isn’t it?

One of the things I like about a friend I have is that she uses great adjectives … “this fabric was fabulous!” … “that dessert was to die for!”  Everything is so descriptive!  I would probably just say that the fabric was nice, but doesn’t “fabulous” sound so much better?  Doesn’t it show a sense of finding life joyful?

And then Lance sent me yesterday’s blog post which used a variation of that word – “abundantly.”  It showed up again in my daily message on Facebook: 
… that we all need the validation of love to feel safe, secure, and at home in this world. Don’t withhold your love and appreciation. Love abundantly.
I’m sensing a theme here! 
A quick google search told me that the word “abundantly” appears 32 times in the Bible.  I think I may start using this word more … or at least trying to view life as my glass being “abundantly full!”



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