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Faith like Chaff


Living on a farm, I remember times that my Dad would take a pail full of grain and pour it into another pail.  The idea was to get all the little bits of weed, etc. out, making the original grain cleaner.

In the book, “What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life” by Brian Zahnd, it states that Jesus told Peter he would be “sifted as wheat. This is what happens in a trial.  You are tossed into the air in the midst of a strong wind, and the flaky stuff in your life is blown away, but your geniune faith will bring you back to the ground.”

Jesus also told Peter that when he was tested, his faith would not fail.  Peter failed in his courage and in his commitment, but his FAITH did not fail.   “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you are involved in various trials” (James 1:2 – International Standard Version).

Author Zahnd also states, “untested faith is of little value.  Faith that has been tested and refined in the furnace of affliction is the most precious possession a person can have.”

Zahnd also states that “we all ejoy telling our own stories of God’s deliverances, but without a test, there is no deliverance, no story, no testimony.  Every glorious testimony that inspires the faith of others begins with a test.”

“Put your trust in the God who specializes in turning mourning into dancing and ashes into beauty. Faith never underestimates the potential of grace.”



2 thoughts on “Faith like Chaff

  1. I have a few more pages marked for further discussion, so as soon as I can decipher the notes I made, more posts will appear 🙂

  2. Faith (or lack of it) has been one of those “how do you describe it” kind of topics. Sure we have Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” But how does one really experience that? I mean if we hope for something or some outcome, but don’t get what we hope for does that mean we haven’t got faith? Maybe it means our desires weren’t in line with God’s plan or that our timing is not the same as God’s.

    I have a particular test that I lived through where I had no other place to turn but God (I’d tried so many other solutions). The complete trust in God and surrender of me produced an amazing result. To this day I encounter a test of my faith in Him on a regular basis. It’s questioned by others, suggested that I need additional help, doubted by many since it doesn’t follow the “widely accepted” worldly path. Every time I hear these taunts, I simply recall what I couldn’t do before that only God could do in my life. I hear my Savior speak to me and say “Lance, you don’t need any further proof of who I am. Don’t give in and foresake me.” My faith was and is tested and I’m so grateful for that big test that I finally passed after all the previous failures. It’s the failures that validate the victory in God and helps me to stand faithfully in Him daily.

    Glad you enjoyed the book. Much for future discussions in there.

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