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The Power of Prayer

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The Power of Prayer ~ by Jan S.

I am so thankful to God that He sent Pastor Bill to us here at Plymouth.  Through his guidance, which is the work of the Holy Spirit, I have grown so much spiritually – especially in the area of prayer. 

I will be honest – my prayer life was pretty sparse for a long time.  I did say a prayer at night, or when there was a special need in our church family or among my family or friends, but that was about it. 

But Pastor Bill talked about how important prayer was to the life of a Christian, and I listened.  Then Pastor and Stella started having All Church Prayer Night.  The first time I went, I was so moved by the experience that I began to give prayer a more important place in my life.  There might be only two or three gathered together in His Name at times, but there is such power and peace in that sanctuary when we are there in prayer!   So I started praying every day on the way to work.  Then recently, I had a revelation during a traffic jam, so I pray during those too – actually, I count my blessings, starting with the traffic jam that allows me the time to do so. 

But I am also finding myself reaching out to others by offering to pray for them, to pray with them, and/or to have our prayer chain pray for them.  I have seen the miracles that have happened because of our prayers, and it is nothing short of phenomenal. But my miracle is that I can actually DO that, and it’s so easy.  A couple of years ago I would never have offered to pray for anyone other than within the “safe” realm of our church family.  Now I am offering to pray for friends, co-workers, even strangers in the elevator.  And I can’t believe how it touches people – truly the Holy Spirit is at work in this troubled world of ours if we will just become willing vessels. 

So I challenge you today – come to All Church Prayer Night.  (First Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.)  See if it doesn’t make a difference in your life.  It has in mine!


One thought on “The Power of Prayer

  1. Prayer and Prayer Night is awesome. Unfortunately because of work conflicts I have missed the last two. It is a moving experience to pray together as a group. I invite all as well. It is a private/personal time but yet shared among fellow Christians.

    What an excellent opporunity to Praise God! I thank Patsor Bill and Stella as well for my spiritual growth for many reasons…one of them Prayer Night!

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