Plymouth Congregational Church

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Vacation Bible School … 2010


One more day left of Vacation Bible School.  I imagine the adults might be ready for it to end, but the kids really seem to be having a great time!

VBS week is truly a time that shows how well a group of people can work together with a great outcome.

I wish all of you could have been there to see “The Rock” (aka Simon Peter) and “Wink Winkleman” during the story / skit portion of the evening.  The songs the kids are learning – well, let’s just say I have been humming “I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus” for a couple of days now.  Be sure to join us Sunday at 10:30 to hear the kids as they share their songs during worship.

Kids are always fun to watch – as they absorb the details of a story, interact with each other, engage in a little friendly competition during game time, share bits of their lives and constantly show little acts of kindness towards each other.  We have great kids!!

Thanks to Michelle, our VBS coordinator for all of her work preparing and leading this week’s activities and to all the volunteers who helped during the week or behind the scenes.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Bible School … 2010

  1. It has truly been a blessing to be part of VBS once again this year. This was a great team effort lead so well by Michelle.

    Thanks to everyone who helped!!!

  2. Truly it is one of the greatest events in the church year as we really have a great time and I thinnk we, the adults learn more that the kids! Great time, glad there were so many great people who gave their time!

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