Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

“That the World May Marvel”


If you weren’t in church this past Sunday, you missed out!  After feeling a bit discouraged by our blog activity (or lack thereof), Sunday showed me once again, that “it’s not about me.”  (One of the favorite sayings in the church office.)

Sunday brought news of a new birth, healing, a new job … and an extremely generous gift to the church.  The Parks Foundation gave us a monetary gift that brought a tear to more than a few eyes.

Pastor Bill’s message that day was “That the World May Marvel.”  He talked about what one church … in unity … could accomplish.  That we should ask the following questions:  1)  What is our ministry in the church?  2)  How can God use us?  3) What can God do through us?

A huge opportunity to make a difference may be to volunteer for our upcoming Vacation Bible School.  I think Bob would agree that supervising the games (is that what we were doing? 🙂   ) the past several years has been so rewarding.  Every time I am involved with the kids, I continue to marvel at their kindness, their humor, their sense of fairness. 

I marvel at the way certain people have stepped up to help in Sunday School, to organize the Men’s “Boardroom” lunches, mission and community projects.

I marvel at the fact that God put Plymouth Church smack dab in Plainfield’s downtown … how much of a hint do we need that we’re there to be in the middle of community life – to make a difference?  What can we – or YOU – do to share the marvelous works of God?


3 thoughts on ““That the World May Marvel”

  1. How does God want to use me today? How well can I surrender myself to being led by Him? Can I turn off the me, my, I and simply be His this day and not try to dictate what I think would serve him best today. Hard stuff to do and be on some days (for me).

    But most difficult for me is to sit with my list of “things” I feel should be done, said, etc. and honestly ask God to reveal my motivation for those before I take action. Sometimes I don’t like the answer (it’s often to prove some point, shape an opinion vs. honoring God by leading others to a closer relationship with him). I hope that my inaction at times is really God’s hand holding me back from taking actions that aren’t from a servant heart.

  2. Another thing I should have mentioned … the fact that you had us all hold up a pew Bible. I don’t know why I don’t, but I need to be better at bringing MY Bible with me to church on Sunday …

  3. WOW, I am so amazed and marveled at the fact that someone is really listening and maybe taking listening to another lever. Asking those questions that you proposed. Thanks for such a great blog!

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