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Corporal Punishment – Yes or No?

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A New York congresswoman is leading the charge to omit corporal punishment from schools.

That surprises me as I thought they had already done away with it anyway.

If any of you attended Jr. High at Indian Trail and had Mr. Corsetti for a teacher, you will remember he was in a wheelchair.  He could put an apple between 2 fingers and in a scissor-like motion, cut the apple right in half.  This was the teacher that I got my one and only classroom spanking from.  My cousin and I were sitting next to in other in separate rows.  One of us dropped something, and we both bent down at the same time, banging our heads together.  Being of the same family who laughs at that sort of thing, that’s exactly what we did.  And we got in trouble for it.  I think we both got paddled, and silly, have-to-always-be-honest me, when asked by someone on my way back to my seat said, “No, it didn’t hurt.”  Well, Mr. Corsetti heard that and called me up front for another go-around.  (I actually really liked Mr. Corsetti as a teacher …)

Can I say that being paddled kept me from ever misbehaving again?  I was a pretty good kid in school, timid in fact, so I think I just never acted up anyway.  It was more embarrassing than anything else.

So, is corporal punishment good for kids, or inhumane treatment?


One thought on “Corporal Punishment – Yes or No?

  1. GOOD; when administered in the correct way! Then you get another one when you get home!

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