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How Great Thou Art …

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                          O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder
                          Consider all the works Thy Hand hath made,
                            I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder,
                      Thy pow’r throughout the universe displayed …

Haven’t the recent storms been something else?  As I sit here typing this entry, the thunder continues to rumble.  We had quite the display of wind, rain, lightning and thunder earlier this evening.  And our son said, as he was driving back in to our subdivision,  he saw lightning strike a house .

Even as a little girl, I liked to watch thunderstorms.  After a big storm, the five of us would hop in the car and take a ride around to check to see if there was any damage to the crops.  And we usually ended the night with a trip to “Fitzer’s Frosty” in Plainfield – the little ice cream shop that used to be at the corner of Plainfield-Naperville Road and Rte. 59.  (Maybe that’s why I like storms – I connect them to ice cream! 🙂

The above photo was taken in an area in which a tornado had passed through.  I had always heard of this sort of thing, but had never actually seen it in person.  I imagine if I had been in the midst of the destruction, I would have a different take on storms.  But I can’t help but be in awe of “God’s power, throughout the universe displayed.”


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