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Last night was the series finale for the TV show “Saving Grace.”  I wasn’t a faithful viewer of the show, but I may go back and watch this series from the beginning.  I won’t give away the ending, but I would like to mention a few things that were said.

Within the last few weeks, I’ve gathered that the premise of the show was the fact that Grace felt it was her fault that her sister died in the Oklahoma City bombing.  Grace was supposed to have watched her nephew the day before so her sister could go take care of some paperwork.  But she had to work, the sister went the next day and was there when the building was blown up.  Added to this guilt was the fact that in a few episodes back, Grace accidentally ran into a little girl with her car and killed her.

Who knew that a series that featured so much swearing and sex could really be about God?  Because I almost forgot to mention that Grace had a “companion” – an angel named “Earl.”  Now Earl wasn’t your typical angel – he appeared as a shaggy-haired, older man who usually wore jeans and a flannel shirt.

After killing the little girl, Grace spiraled further into depression and drinking.  But at one point, she told Earl she thought she “was ready to go out on her own.”  To which Earl replied, “Grace, you are never alone.”

Added to the mix, in the last few episodes that I saw, was a man who others knew as a reporter.  However, in last night’s episode, he was revealed to be Satan, or just evil in general.  He told Grace that he took on the form or face of many things – he was the man neighbors saw setting fire to her house, the evil behind a little girl running after a ball into the street, to be hit by Grace’s car …

Eventually, Grace just walked out into the ocean, intending on killing herself.  The next scene showed her crawling back onto the beach, to the feet of Earl, at which point, she said, “Ok, you win.  I am turning my life over to God.”  While she and Earl were talking, this is the gist of what they said:  (Grace) “When I was in the water, I felt like I was in a washing machine, being turned up and down and all around.  I was struggling.  But when I finally took a breath and let go, I was at peace.”  (Earl) “Was all your pain gone?”  (Grace) “No, I still have pain, but I am different now.”

In the following scenes we see Grace looking happier and healthier than she has looked in quite a while.  Her friends have noticed the change in her and have begun talking about God and what Grace and God’s relationship can be all about.

The end of the show shows Grace going off to “do battle” with the man who represents evil.  Earl tells Grace that “you can’t stop evil.”

You’ll have to watch the show if you want to know how Grace’s story ends.  But the one line from the whole show that I wanted to share was this:  Grace asked Earl if God still loves us when we screw up?  And Earl said, “Grace, that’s when God loves us the most.”


4 thoughts on “Saving Grace

  1. Since there were some unresolved questions I had about the show – not watching it all the time, I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few explanations along the way – I’ve spent some time reading viewers comments on the finale. Interesting to read what people thought about the whole good / evil thing, what they thought of having an angel of your own, etc. I would like to know what the actors on the show thought about the whole thing. Wonder if it changed any lives amongst those involved in the series.

    Now I have the whole last season of LOST to watch AND the whole 3 years of Saving Grace … somebody else will have to take on this blog, since I will be busy 🙂

  2. Haven’t watched the show, but can identify with letting it all go and handing it over to God. I try not to take stuff back (with varying degrees of success). Thankfully, there are some areas where I will cling to the power and saving grace of Christ and not look to any of the “worlds” solutions and taunts of the ruler of this world that God won’t mind (or wants me to) add something else to “ensure” the change is really happening.

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  4. Earl reminds me of someone but I just can’t think of who?

    But most of all the whole show reminds me of the way God is and the real people He uses!

    What we look like or what we wear is less importnat than what is in our hearts and our actions!

    I am glad someone else likes the show for what it is!

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