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The Things Fathers Do …

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Recently I saw an interview with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade.  At one point, the discussion turned to fatherhood.  Chris Rock said he thought that one of the things involved in being a good Dad was “just being there. You know, to be there when your kids need you, to spend time with them – just ‘be there.” 

I was lucky growing up in that my Dad’s work, being a farmer, required him to be at home.  He was always there during the day.  If I needed to talk to him, I just had to find him.  

My Dad was a good example growing up (and still is!)   By watching him, I learned how to work hard (not that I always do :), how to be honest, fair and responsible, that while there’s work to be done, there’s always time for play, and that most problems are “minor.”

Some of my best memories are when my Dad played with us.  He likes to play games but never has much luck winning, was always the one who rode the rides at the fair with us, the one who always had the adventurous spirit.  We used to have a swing in yard.  He had taken two telephone poles and rigged up a rope swing.  He would start at one end, run to the other end while holding our legs and let go – oh how high we would go!  I remember asking him once while he was pushing me on that swing how old he was, and he said “38.”  (So that would have made me 8.)  Even today, that is one of the first mental pictures I have of my Dad – on that day, 38, young, strong and having fun. 

With Father’s Day coming this Sunday, here’s a chance to tell what your Dad taught you or to share a happy memory of times spent with your Dad …


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