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Learning to listen to the silence …

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Do you remember, as a child, laying on the grass looking up at the clouds?  We usually tried pointing out the ones that resembled various animals, etc.  But in looking at the above photo, I will ask you not “what do you see?” but rather “what do you feel?”  (If anything)

It makes me think of silence, and it gives me a peaceful feeling.  I just finished reading a very well-written blog post about learning to listen to the silence.  (In Search of Silence)  As a mom with older children, I had forgotten about that phase where every living, moving thing that made a noise was suddenly entertainment for my child that just HAD to be pointed out. 

Since I am hard of hearing, I miss out on a lot of sounds.  Which sometimes is a good thing, because I can roll over on the “hearing” ear at night and sleep like a rock!  But I do miss out, even when I wear a hearing aid, on all the little sounds people hear in a day.  As I sit quietly at my computer right now, trying to count all the sounds that I do hear, I came up with just the noise of the ceiling fan.  Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet. 

I do remember when my kids were little, I used to say that I wanted one of those old-fashioned phone booths, that I could just go in to have a private conversation without interruption.  And sometimes it seemed like no one ever wanted to talk to me until I was in the bathroom (where I may have tried escaping to just for a few minutes of quiet) – and then suddenly I have a phone call, one of the kids picked that moment to injure themselves, etc.  Now that the kids are all grown and out of the house, there are a few times we kind of wish for “the good old days” of noise and activity.   (Ok, very few 🙂

But I think the writer of that blog post had the right idea.  We do need to slow down, enjoy the wonders that God has given us each day, listen to what our children, spouses and friends are really saying, and …  in the silence, listen to what God is saying to us …


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