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Summer fun, or work, work, work?


The other day, I heard a statistic that stated fewer teens than ever before were being hired for summer jobs this year.  One reason given was that so many adults are out of work that they have been forced to take the jobs that teens usually apply for.  Another reason given was that with all the activities teens are involved in, gathering experiences for their college applications, etc., that parents just aren’t pushing summer jobs anymore.

Did you have a summer job when you were a teenager, and if so, what was it?Do you think it’s important for a teen to have a job, or is it more important for them to concentrate on their grades, or to be involved in sports or other activites?


5 thoughts on “Summer fun, or work, work, work?

  1. I forgot about “walking the beans!” But I didn’t get paid for doing that – it was just something we were expected to do. And we only had to do one field, so it really didn’t kill us to do it, although we complained at the time! But to this day, I like to see a clean bean field 🙂

    One of my chores on the farm was to collect the eggs. Never liked doing it as I thought the chickens were mean.
    (Didn’t get paid to do that, either …)

  2. Summer jobs are indispensable for a multitude of reasons, but the rub is that if teens are expected to have all sorts of other “stuff” on their resumes to get in college, etc. something has to give.

    Some of my jobs: corn detasseling, walking bean fields and removing rouge plants, cleaning a chicken coop (absolutely horrible), soft ball umpire, factory worker, lawn mowing, painting & odd jobs handy man. Those essentially book ended full time jobs during high school (cook at KFC and local grocery store).

    Trying to get my daughter to get a job has been a challenge on many fronts (her living situation does complicate it a bit). One of the best things about having such a varied list of jobs was that it reinforced in my mind that there is no job that’s beneath me and that I wanted to keep going to school so I would lessen the chance I’d have to perform these types of jobs as an adult. Again, nothing wrong with an honest day’s work. Too many of today’s kids expect to start out making $15/hour and have an entitlement attitude so I’m for making them do an unglamorous job to learn the value of hard work, sacrifice and appreciation for everyone regardless of station in life economy.

  3. I always had a summer job. I worked with my Dad at our church where I did landscaping in the summer. Those were great times I cherish spending with him. Then I started working all year round at the movie theatre which lead to a 22 year career. Who would have thought?

    I feel teens should have a job in the summer. The challenge is to balance Worship, work, school and other activities so there is a little bit of everything.

  4. During my senior year in high school, I worked several afternoons a week for a woman who was paralyzed (having had polio as a young mother) from the neck down.

  5. From 8 years old on, I either worked on my Grandparents farm , at my Uncles gas station or mowed grass. Not even an option!

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