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Baccalaureate – Do you Remember?

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Now that it’s graduation season, I thought it might be fun to think back on our graduations.  Do you remember your ceremony?  Did anything unusual happen the day of graduation?  And for those of us old enough to have sat through one, do you remember the Baccalaureate Program preceding graduation?  Do you remember what the guest speaker talked about?

Ok, I will confess, my graduation took place many years ago – in 1976.  The only somewhat unusual thing that happened was that after our Senior group finished singing “The Times of Your Life,” one of the girls fell down the stage steps.  That caused a little commotion, mainly from her friends (?) who thought it funny.  I don’t know who was happier that day – me, who was done with school at last (since I didn’t go to college), or my parents, who could finally breathe a sigh of relief – that I was done with school … at last! 🙂

The Sunday preceding graduation, the Baccalaureate ceremony was held.  I don’t remember who spoke, but I do remember that the title of his speech was “Don’t Be Half-Baked.”  Why I recall the title, I don’t know.  But I guess it’s still pretty good advice.  Don’t do something half-way.  Stand for something – one way or the other.  Or as someone much wiser said, “don’t be lukewarm.”

What are your graduation memories?


One thought on “Baccalaureate – Do you Remember?

  1. I really don’t have much memory of the graduation day other than all of us in our red polyester gowns sitting in the gym. Can’t recall the speaker. Can’t recall any of the songs. Can recall I was ready to head to all the “open houses” that night!

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