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I had no idea this was even something under consideration.  Before you get into the rest of today’s blog, go to Mosque at Ground Zero to read the entire story.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to read viewer’s comments.  I am always interested and amazed by what people have to say.

So, after reading the article, you know there are plans to build at mosque at Ground Zero.  Well, technically, it’s not at the site of where the twin towers once stood, but several blocks away.  Some see it as a “slap in the face” to those who died that day.  Others, like board member Rob Townley, see it “as a seed of peace.  We believe that this is significant step in the Muslim community to counteract the hate and fanaticism in the minority of the community.” 

Also, according to the article, “the organizations sponsoring the project say they’re trying to meet a growing need for prayer space in lower Manhattan, as well as provide a venue for the dissemination of mainstream Islam, to counter extremism.”

One comment posted stated “we need to remember that not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Catholic priests are child molesters.”  Commentor Cardhu1 stated, “Many people understand so little of the violently radical fundamental Islamists conducting Jihad are at war not just with the west, but also with all other cultures that do not share their crazed murderous views, including moderate Islam.  These violently radical fundamental Islamists comprise about 10% of the world. It’s up to the other 90% of the world to stand up to these crazed fanatics and assert that their murderous agenda has no place in our present and future. A mosque at ground zero is a very powerful symbol of world unity. Add in a synagogue and a non-denominational Christian church and you have a clear statement for the whole rest of the world – we all stand for peace and against murder in the name of the God we share.”

And then there is the other segment who believe the whole “to-do” simply comes down to the fact that an old building that may have landmark status will be torn down in order to build this mosque.

I have to say that my first reaction to this was a definite “No!”   This was also the reaction of two other people I know who read the article.  I am still turning it all over in my mind, though.  I think we should all make an effort to learn about the basics of any religion.  Having said that, I will admit that I haven’t taken the time to do just that.  I also think we should take a stand against the “fanatic fringes” of any religion.  While I would expect to hear more denouncements from “mainstream Islamists” against all terrorist attacks, do we as Christians really voice strong comments or reactions, or take action when a “Christian fanatic” commits a violent act?

Maybe Ground Zero or anywhere near that immediate area is not the right place for this prayer space.  But I think Cardhu1 had an idea worth thinking about – “add in a synagogue and a non-denominational Christian church and you have a clear statement for the whole rest of the world – we all stand for peace and against murder.” 

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Mosque at Ground Zero

  1. Becky – I’m still going back and forth on this one. As the debate grows, there is more and more on the TV and radio talk shows about this subject. Listening to a talk show the other night where they were discussing this very topic – callers were pretty much split 50-50 – both sides very emphatic in their opinions, too. It was pointed out that there were 17 mosques in Manhattan alone and about 100 in New York (I think he meant the city, not just the state) The talk show host’s point of view was that it wasn’t a bad thing to want to build one, but maybe that just wasn’t the right site …

  2. I am not into politics or political parties. I do not always like the things that the party in power is doing or saying. But they are the leaders of our country, and as such, deserve some respect.

    And I respect our President for taking the stand that to deny the right of a mosque to be built near Ground Zero is to deny the freedom of religion that our country was built upon.

    And I agree that there should also be other buildings that house other faiths too – what a powerful statement that would be to the world:

    “No matter what, world, our God is an awesome God, and there is no power in heaven, on Earth or in hell that can stand against Him.”

  3. In reply to “educlaytion’s” comment, if you go to his site, you can read the article he just posted:

  4. Interesting. I just wrote about this mosque and have been trying to figure out what the average person thinks about this controversy and groundbreaking on Sept. 11 2011!

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