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Tributes to Our Moms …

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Today is the day that you can post a tribute to your Mom or share a fond memory that you have of her, or of a special time spent with your Mom.  Just post your story / memory in the comment section.


One thought on “Tributes to Our Moms …

  1. Both of my grandmothers, Alice Eaton George and Erna Woesthoff Kelm, were both strong women. Both lived through the depression and dealt with everything that came with being a farmer’s wife. It was my Grandma Kelm who introduced me to the life of being a Cub’s fan and took me to my first game. I’m still waiting for one of my grandchildren to express a real interest in the game so I can take them to their first game. And my Grandma George made the best sugar cookies ever and no matter how many times I make them, they just aren’t the same.

    My Mom was also the wife of a farmer. She would be embarrassed by anything I put here, so I will keep it short. When I one day decided that I was interested in family history, how great was it to find out that my Mom had kept every newspaper clipping, wrote down every birth, marriage and death and had an almost encylopedic memory of family relationships! And that for one Mother’s Day, we spent the day in cemeteries searching for family headstones, and had fun doing it.

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