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This week on our blog we will be discussing difficult Bible passages or scriptures we’ve wondered about.

As I said last week, when I first did a search on-line for “difficult Bible passages,” surprisingly, the matter of petitions came up.

Now, I’ve signed a few petitions in my life, and you probably have also.  The one that stands out is the one in which Linda and I circulated a petition in our small subdivision to get our road paved.  There was one small road that looped around the subdivision with three connecting streets.  Roads in our small township, leading to the newer, upscale developments were being re-paved, but our little subdivision’s roads still had large potholes, etc.  We circulated the petition and presented it to the road commissioner with no results.  Finally, after Linda had made many phone calls to the commissioner, he said he would do something.  And he did.  He paved the section right in front of Linda’s home.  Guess the old adage is true … “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

When I did my search, the website “The Christian Delphian” gave this explanation about petitions: 

“Therefore, it is our conclusion that discernment must be exercised as to when petitions should and should not be signed; and the general basis of discerning is whether they concern “the affairs of this life” or the needs of Christ’s brethren.” 

Their take on petitions was if the issue concerned the well-being of another, then it was probably a good thing to sign a petition.  If it concerned the building of a road, a garbage dump (another petition I have signed), a zoning change, etc., then we are better off not signing a petition. 

The scripture they use to explain their position is 2 Timothy 4:2 … “And as Christ’s soldier, do not let yourselves become tied up in the affairs of this life, for then you cannot satisfy the one who has enlisted you in his army.” 

There are on-line petitions for many things … “sign this petition backing the Pope,” “sign this petition to bring prayer back to our schools,” and the “Bring back the dog – Dog, the Bounty Hunter” petition.  Petitions to end abortion, to secure Roman Polanski’s release, to stop unfair practices at Wal-mart, and on and on.  And those are just a few that come up when I googled “petitions.”  How many times in a week do we receive e-mails directing us to a link to sign a petition? 

While not necessarily a “difficult Bible passage,” this did give me something to think about.  I guess I can see that if you make a habit of signing petitions, or get too wrapped up in circulating one that pertains to certain issues, that you could be distracted from what God really wants you to be doing.  On the other hand, will taking a minute to sign a petition stating your opposition to a landfill in your town really make that big of a difference?

What do you think?


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