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Planning Ahead – Your Help is Needed!


Each day I’m anxious to see check our blog stats.  Did anyone view our blog or make a comment?  On the days that I think surely we will get a lot of comments, we don’t get any.  Or out of the blue, we will have a high viewer-ship day like last Sunday – 75 views … but no comments.  It’s hard sometimes to figure out …
   To our plymouth Church family … I would like to offer you the opportunity again to be a “guest blogger.”  I’m sure you have an opinion about something that’s taking place in the world, or have seen something that inspires you that you would like to share with the rest of us.  Just e-mail it to me and I will get it posted.

In anticipation of Mother’s Day on May 9th, the blog on May 7th will be for you to post a short tribute to your Mom, or you can write about a great time that you and your Mom had together.  We can do the same for Father’s Day.  Just post your memories / stories in the comment section.  Or if you’d like, send it to me before Thursday afternoon, and I will insert it directly into the day’s post.  That’s your mission … if you choose to accept it. 🙂 

Also next week, I think we will address some of those “difficult scripture passages.”  If you have a verse or two that you’ve had trouble understanding, send it along to me and we will see what we all can come up with.  When I originally thought of this idea, I searched for “difficult Bible passages.”  Who knew that “petitions” would be one of the issues to come up?

So “tune in” next week to see what you think about the topics being discussed!


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead – Your Help is Needed!

  1. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. The slip we put in the bulletin I have to date gotten none returned with sermon topics

  2. After I posted this blog, I went to facebook and checked my “On this day, God wants you to know…” And this is what is said …

    … that working together is good. We are meant to support one another in this world. Let go of the feeling that you have to do everything alone. Ask someone if they want to join you.

    So, I’m asking you, Plymouth Church family, to join in with the writing of this blog … 🙂

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