Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

One Choice Away


One choice, just one, can change your life forever. Simply put, your life today is what your choices have made it, but with new choices, you can change directions this very moment. For me, that idea alone is highly motivational because it offers tremendous hope, regardless of circumstances, for a better tomorrow.

Your life-changing choice may be to switch careers, to leave an abusive relationship, to go back to school, to stop drinking, to adopt a child, to start a business, to lose weight, to start a charity…to name a few. If you have the courage to do so, you could make any one of those choices, or others, today. And you would change your life.

Sometimes it’s a different kind of choice. It can be to not quit, to not give up in the face of adversity. We’ve all been there.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen received 77 rejections for their idea Chicken Soup for the Soul. They had to make a decision each time…should they throw in the towel and say enough is enough, or should they keep trying to pursue their dreams? You know the rest of the story. The 78th publisher said “Yes” and they went on to sell over 100 million books.

So never forget that you are only one choice away from changing your life. Do you have the courage to make it?

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2 thoughts on “One Choice Away

  1. And this was on Kim G.’s “On this Day, God wants you to know” message – thought it fit this topic …

    “… that there is no need to obsess over a decision. God has more in store for us then we can ever predict, and what we fear are bad choices frequently turn out for the best, because our hidden aspirations know better where we are going than our rational minds.”

  2. I sincerely make a choice several times each week that “now” is when I am going to be serious about losing weight. (Nothing like a high school reunion looming in the fall that should motivate me to do something! 🙂

    Most of us had to make life-altering changes in our lifetimes, I’m sure. The ones I look back at now, while scary at the time, worked out ok in the end. I’m in the midst of a “choice” now – to repair a broken relationship – that is going against my sense of what is “fair,” that is a struggle with my stubbornness, etc. How it will eventually work out, I don’t know. But I do know that not having that anger (or so much of it) has improved my life.

    And we all know that changing jobs isn’t always within our control – it’s a choice forced upon us. But I hope those out there looking for new jobs can hang on to the hope that maybe, just maybe, God has their “dream job” waiting for them right around the corner.

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