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If you could see with the eyes of God …


Another thought-provoking “Message from God” that appeared on a friend’s facebook page this week … And on this day, God wants you to know … “that if you could see with the eyes of God, this world would be filled with goodness.  Goodness is within you and every living being.  Let your goodness shine.”

I believe that goodness IS within all of us – we all have the potential to be / do good.  The world is filled with goodness.  But what I really wonder is, what DOES God see when he looks at this world?  Can he see enough “goodness” here or does what he see make him weep?


2 thoughts on “If you could see with the eyes of God …

  1. I liked your comment, Lance …

  2. If God didn’t see goodness and have unbridled love for His creation (we are all created in His image) he would have never sent Christ to be our savior and atone for our sins. YES he sees amazing goodness in this world every minute of every day.

    Scripture from the other day: The kingdom of God does not come by your careful observation….because the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:20-21 So if God is goodness, and His kingdom is in us, then goodness is what he sees.

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