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It was a year ago today that our family received a “double whammy.”  Not only did my husband’s older brother pass away after a struggle with cancer, but his sister’s husband died later the same day of a massive heart attack.  As sad as that day was, I don’t know that it can compare to the grief of the miner’s families in West Virginia.  To lose so many family and friends at once must be a terrific burden to bear.

One man had five weeks left until his retirement, after 30 years on the job.  He and his wife were planning a Virgin Island cruise.  I keep wondering if this was their dream vacation, the trip they were always going to take “some day.”  That’s surely a lesson to all of us, isn’t it … not to wait until “some day” to take that special trip, to call that old friend you haven’t heard from in years, to maybe mend a broken relationship …

On Sunday, Pastor Bill said the cross holds three promises … health, rest and peace.  The other night, I was watching “Saving Grace,” the show where the female police officer named Grace, sees, hears and talks to God – although he goes by the name of “Earl.”  On this episode, Grace’s grandfather was dying, struggling to breathe.  Grace said something that it sounded like his soul was at war.  “Earl” smiled and said he liked to think that it was the person was one step away from peace.

Let’s continue praying for the miners who are still missing … may they be found healthy … for the miners who have been lost … may they have found rest … and for their families and friends … may they find peace.


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