Plymouth Congregational Church

God for All

Understanding or Love – which comes first?



   On this day, God wants you to know…

… that understanding comes from love. You might believe that you need to understand another to love them. The truth is you need to love them to understand them.

6 thoughts on “Understanding or Love – which comes first?

  1. Lance,
    I think you’re right that love is an “action,” not a feeling. It’s getting past our anger, our needs, our feelings, our stubbornness to get to the point of choosing to love that’s the hard part some times …

  2. Wow, good stuff! Here’s the rub from one perspective that I’m hearing a lot….love is an action not a feeling. It seems we get this backwards very often in today’s world. Feelings can be deceptive. So maybe it’s easier to just undertake loving actions toward someone and not get hung up on having loving feelings toward them. I think this gets muddy when it’s someone we want/need to have a close loving (feeling) relationship with (like a spouse, child).

  3. you get a five star rating for this.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

  4. Amen what a great thought!

  5. This little message came from my daily “Message from God” on facebook. I don’t know where the people behind this site come up with their messages, but I find them to be pretty thought-provoking most days.

    This one is another that I will keep rolling around in my head. If I apply it to a person that I have trouble getting along with, then I can say that I have said “I don’t understand ______” many, many times!! But can I say I love ____,?

    Pastor Bill spoke yesterday about his arguing with God last week. This may be my argument with God this week. Knowing that I should love “_____,” BUT still throwing out the reasons why I don’t want to …

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