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Where Does Your Light Shine?


I apologize for today’s post being a little late.  Usually, ideas for the week come from every direction and I have several topics to choose from.  But I have to say, that for the last week, I haven’t had much to say.  As I lay in bed watching TV last night, I started to get a little panicked, worrying that I may not have a blog entry all week, for as “blank” as I felt.  (I think after a weekend of babysitting two young grandchildren, that my brain is still in the land of Chutes and Ladders, Go Fish and Old Maid!)  But then I started watching the new show, “Undercover Boss.” 

Have you seen this show?  If not, the CEO of a company goes undercover within his company for a week to see just what kind of people are working for him, what areas they can improve, etc.  At the end of the week, the CEO brings back four or five people who have usually trained him during the week.  He introduces himself and then usually offers each employee something that will benefit his or her lives.

Last night’s episode featured five people, all who had had their own separate trials in life.  But the one who made the biggest impression on me was the young man, named Albert, who had worked at Silver Dollar City for six years, beginning when he was 14.  He told how his family was very poor, and that he was going to school 10 hours a week while still working a 40-hour week.  He had dreams of being an amusement park designer.  This young man was a great greeter at the front gates, and an efficient, passionate worker in all other areas.  

At the end of the show, the CEO brought Albert in to his office.  After he revealed his true identity, he went on to say that Albert had so impressed him that the company was going to pay him his 40-hour-per week salary … but Albert was to only go to school.  Their only requirement was that he continues to work for them during the summer months.  The reaction of Albert was immediate as tears filled his eyes and he was just overwhelmed by what this meant for his life.

This was a long way of getting to this central idea:  that each day we do not know whose life (lives) we are affecting.  In each episode that I have watched of this show, the majority of employees featured have had their own hardships, yet have continually embraced the “new” employee.  They have been cheerful, hard-working, loyal employees. Several weeks ago, the show featured a man who was a deliveryman during the night shift at 7-11.  He had come from another country and his love for America was a reminder to all watching how we should all feel about our country. Each CEO has come away with a newfound respect for the work and attitudes of their employees.  Both the employer and the employee have been changed.  While the changes taking place here are on a larger scale, we all can choose to make a difference in many small ways each and every day.

My “Message from God” this morning was this:  … that today you can help a thousand people see God’s light. Feel God’s light shining within you and take a step to inspire someone else to shine. As you share this vision today with just one soul, that reaches ten lives that touch a thousand.”  Where will your light shine today?  Or has someone made a difference in your life lately? 

Just an extra note … our friend Judith faces an important surgery tomorrow.  Please keep her and Terry in your prayers today. 

And if someone has something to offer for our blog this week, PLEASE 🙂 send it to Caron and she will make sure it gets posted!  Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Where Does Your Light Shine?

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this great comment, Donna!

  2. Oftentimes at my workplace if someone needs a prayer or wants to know something about Christianity, they will ask me because they say I am “religious”, which is the term they use. They will say, “You’re religious, you can answer this question, or pray for this person…etc.”

    At first I was flattered that they would think of me in that way. But, then I was a little saddened, because I know that they are missing something very important in their lives; which is a relationship with Christ.

    When these opportunities arise, I try to let them know that they can have a relationship with God, too. A lot of times they think that it’s not for them, like they don’t qualify.

    Sometimes I wonder if they say I’m “religious” ; is it because they know I attend church, or is it because of my actions or behavior? I would much rather that they think of me as “religious” by my actions.

    This causes me to think about my behavior and actions. If people in my workplace term me as “religious”, am I being the person that I need to be? How is the light that I am shining? There are many days that I feel like a total flop; I might say things I shouldn’t say, get angry, or not act in a way that I know God would want me to.

    When I’ve had a bad day, how many opportunities did I miss, to touch someone’s life?

    Every day holds something new, and we should try to be aware of how we might touch other people’s lives, by the light that we are shining.


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