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God is Our Refuge

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God says …
   Go back to when you were a child, and storms were raging outside in the
wee hours of the morning. The thunder was shaking the house, and the
lightning was casting eerie shadows on the walls. You ran to the safety
of your parents’ bed. There the strength of your father and the comfort
of your mother gave you peace even though the storms were still raging.

I ask you to come to Me in the same manner. I am the Rock that you
can stand safely on. My word says that when you build your house on the
solid ground, it cannot be shaken. Don’t run to the trouble world (or
it’s troubled resources) for the solution, as you will only begat more
trouble. Come to Me, and you will receive the strength and comfort that
you need.

Wait on Me, for I am your peace.

(by Debra Medley, and shared by Pastor Bill)


One thought on “God is Our Refuge

  1. YES! YES! And even when those around you tell you that you need some “extra” help with that situation in your life and suggest those things of the world only consider it after prayer and consult with God. If he wants you to use other sources He will make it known to you.

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